Theses & Capstone Projects




MA students complete a master's thesis during the second year of the program. The thesis must: be well written; be based on primary research along with relevant secondary literature; present an original argument grounded in historical evidence; and demonstrate the authors analytical skill and methodological rigor.

Past Theses and Capstone Projects

2020 Theses

Kathryn Leigh Brantley
“Honey, I Am History": The Life And Legacy Of Onnie Lee Logan, Alabama Midwife

Monet N. Dowrich
For A Dark-Skinned Girl: A Retrospective Analysis on the History of Colorism in America From 1950 to 1990

Emilyn Kowaleski
Land of The Clean and The Home Of The Segregated
Sex-Separated Bathrooms in the Northeastern United States 1870-1920

Hannah Elizabeth Mccandless
Reimagining Early Interracial and Coeducational College Administration: A Historical Analysis of Matilda Hamilton Fee and Berea College

Monika M.C. Mitchell
Celia’s Ghost: The Quest by African American Women for Sexual and Racial Justice in the Occupied South Between 1863-1866

Marian Phillips
Unmasking Gay Liberation Before Stonewall: Alfred C. Kinsey’s Enduring Influence on the Mattachine Society, 1940-1970

2019 Theses

Katya Duncan
Separation Versus Relationality: Settler Policies, Indigenous Storytelling and Their Ways of Being in the World

Caitlin O’Keefe
Sylvia Beach and Les Amies des Livres: The Forgotten Feminist Roots of the Shakespeare and Company Lending Library

Fareeha Rashid
Colonial and Patriarchal Discourse(s) Interrogated: Indian Muslim Women’s Voices as Critique

Cara C. Schooley
Settling the Sexual Dust: Portrayals and Restrictions of Female Sexuality in 1980s Lifestyle Magazines

Katherine Swartwood
Please Pull My Nightgown Down When You are Through: Marital Rape Activism, Opposition, and Law, 1974-1989

Cristina Tanzola
Barriers of Being Undocumented: Mexican Women, U.S. Immigration Law, and the Reporting of Sexual Assault and Abuse

2018 Theses

Christianna K. Barnard
Jane Roe Gone Rogue: Norma McCorvey’s Transformation as a Symbol of the US Abortion Debate

Cherie Gu
Between Villain and Victim: Jiang Qing and Women’s Roles in Revolutionary Model Opera During the Cultural Revolution

Sydney Rayne Thompson
“Did You Like It?”: Adolescent Sex Education in the United States, 1980-2018

2018 Capstone Projects

To be announced

2017 Theses

Sarah Ahmad
“what happens after the heart breaks the poem”: (An Experiment towards) Heartbreak and Hybridity in Women’s Writing

Gwendolyn Fowler
“Maybe We Poor Welfare Women Will Really Liberate Women in this Country:” Tracing an Intellectual History of Mrs. Johnnie Tillmon-Blackston

Jacqueline Muir
The Deliberate Contradictions in the United States Human Rights System: A Case Analysis and History of Post 9/11 Immigration Policies

Gabriela Phend
Gendered and Racial Nostalgia in the Protection of Topographies | Progressive Era Rhetoric in the Conservation and Preservation Efforts of the Hetch Hetchy Valley

Velvet Aisha Johnson Ross
Queen Esther: The Life of Esther Gordy Edwards and Her Contributions to the Building of Motown Records

Sara Sanders
Women Etched in Stone: The 1956 Women’s March and its Representation in South African Public History

S.E. Simon
I’m Gonna Ruin Your Childhood: Girl Power, Badasses, and the Social Impact of Young Adult Literature and Film from 1997-2007

Pauline Stanfiel
American Motherhood: A Discursive and Quantitative Analysis of Abortion and Racialized Constructions of Family in Political Speech

2017 Capstone Projects

Lauri Blaire Schulman
An Open Letter to Media Creators: History is a Noun. Women’s History is a Verb.

Amanda Kozar
“WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?”: Black Women’s Activism in the Era of the Equal Rights Amendment

Osmara Vanessa Osuna
“Being a caregiver is the most sincere love you can have”: Experienced Caregivers Discuss Dirty Work and Good Care

2016 Theses

Henry Guston Kemp Broege
Belle Versus or Tramp Versus Child?: Contested Representations of the Scottsboro Trials

Jacklyn Collens
Cultivating Solidarity: Leonora O'Reilly, Working-Class Women, and Middle-Class Allies in the American Woman Suffrage Movement

Ceighley Cribb
Nazik al-‘Abid’s Nur al-Fayha: A Kurdish Woman’s Magazine in 1920 Damascus

Anita Botello Santoyo
Challenging Silence: Traditions of Sex Education and the Mexican Immigrant Experience in the United States

Mercedes Ann Townsend
“Venus to the Hoop,” But Not to the Bank: Gender Inequity in Professional Basketball

Maria Camila Martinez Valasco
Butterflies with New Wings Building a Future

2016 Capstone Projects

Michelle Kathryn Guile
No More Silence: How Federal Policies Address the Culture of Sexual Violence on College Campuses

Emily A. Parker
Lone Voice in the Wilderness: Centering Sex Workers’ Rights in Prostitution Policy

Alison Waller
The Art of Misogyny: The Struggle of Female Tattooists in an Industry of Men

Rachel Williams
Every Woman Has the Right to Look Beautiful: Beauty Products & Body Politics in the Mid-Twentieth Century


Cynia Barnwell
Coming to the Stage: Identity, Performance, and Persona in Women’s Comedy

Carly Fox
Radical Genealogies: Okie Women and Dust Bowl Memories

Samantha Gordon
Power Dynamics of a Segregated City: Class, Gender, and Claudette Colvin’s Struggle for Equality

Erin C. Hagen
“You’re Not Going to Continue to Set My Kids Up”: Gendering Neoliberal Education Reform and Teacher Activism

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Kohr
Our Lady of Perpetual Desire: Religious Discourses of the American Pin-Up Girl in World War II

Margaret Taylor Russell
Unpacking the Trunk: Producing Whiteness in Private Memory-Making within One Southern Family

Natasha Tatiana Sanchez
“He can read my writing but he sho’ can’t read my mind”: Zora Neale Hurston and the Anthropological Gaze

Susan Elizabeth Shook
Cockacoeske: “She didn’t give up.”

Kristy Lynn Staniszewski
“You Know Me Best”: Perspectives of Adult Siblings with Typical Abilities and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Jessica Wilson
Waiting in the Wings: A History of the Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War II


Emilie Egger
Bodies and Stories: Toward a New Narrative of Women's Reproductive Rights in 1990s Peru

Sheelagh Lynch
Easter Lillies: Hidden Heroes of the Irish Revolution

Alana Mihovics
The Tale of the Bewitched Accused, Bothered Accusers, and Bewildered Legal Response: Sexist Sentiments, Deviance, and the Necessity of Affirmative Consent as a Legal Standard in Rape Trials

Marion Sader
"Truly a liberated woman": Tehilla Lichtenstein and Her Unique Role in the History of American Judaism

K. Lynn Sherrod
Nurse Eunice Rivers: Marching to Doctors Orders in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study in the Jim Crow South

Toni-Anne Stewart
Higglers Disrupting Narratives of Female Disposability: History of Women in Jamaica’s Informal Economy and Their Struggle Against Public Policy 

María L. Vallejo-Nguyễn
Rethinking Manuela Sáenz: Shifting Borders, Boundaries, and Nations

Tiffany-Latrice Williams
More than God-Given Talent: Meta Warrick Fuller and Her Achievement in the Arts through Female Kinship and Friendship

Parisa Zamanian
Queer Lives: The Construction of Queer Self and Community on Tumblr


Brittany Chevalier
The Relationship of Transportation Technology to Women's Expanded Independence: The Case of the Bicycle and Subway in New York City, 1890 to World War I

Lauren Correri
"Ever and Forever Two of Me": The Paradoxes of Dr. Alice Bunker Stockham

Jennifer Garvey
Finding Wilhelmina: An Immigrant Midwife in Queens, 1884-1914

Kathryn Gehred
A "Good" Plantation Mistress: Martha Jefferson Randolph and Slavery at Monticello

Sian Leach
Redefining Loyalty: Loyalist Women in the American Revolution

Tatiana McKinney
"Strivin' to be the best period, not just breast and a period": Women in Hip-Hop Resisting Gender Conformity and Industry Standards 2005-Present

Greta Minsky
Censoring the Prostitute Play, 1913-1927

Catherine Newton
The Right to Live with Dignity: Black Women's Spatial Resistance in Apartheid South Africa

Emma Staffaroni
"What Could You Do With a Dollar?": An Italian-American Woman's Breadwinning and Autonomy in Coal Country, Pennsylvania, 1929-1941

Elsa Sjunneson-Henry
Putting it On, Taking it Off: Obscenity Law and Burlesque in the United States


Caroline Biggs
Christian Dior's New Look in America

Hunter Williams Carey
Racism and Sexism: The Dominant Influences to Pauli Murray's Understanding and Defining of Jane Crow

Elizabeth Kocianski
War Mechanics: The Logistics Of Gender Integration In The U.S. Military After The Gulf War

Brianna Leone
Women Love Lucy and Lucy Loves Them: Demonstrating the Proto-Feminism of Lucy Ricardo

Tanya Nguyen
Memory/History: World War II Women’s Domesticity and Labor


Brenda Auterman
Structural Ableism: Disability, Institutionalized Discrimination, and Denied Citizenship

Rosamund Hunter
The Source of Hip: Race, Politics, and Masculinity in Cold War America

Hana Kabashi
Women's Work: Experience, Progress and Change in Kosovo, 1989-2001

Megan Knighton
Women and the Neurasthenic Tradition: How Diagnoses and Treatments of Mental Disorders Affect Gender Norms and What Feminism Offers as An Alternative

Alexandria Linn
"Do You Want A Man Or Not?" Sexuality, Deviance and Proper Womanhood in Relationship Self-Help Books from 1980-2010

Alexandria Lust
Understanding the Depth of 90's Women: TLC's Political, Musical, and Artistic Complexities of Hip Hop Feminist Thought, 1991-2002

Lisa Merolle
"...And Do Righteous Deeds:" Women, Islam, and Grassroots Organizing in the United States

Thea Michailides
Performing Panethnicity: South Asian Women's Community Leadership in Jackson Heights

Chandeen Santos
Rebels in Paradise: an Oral History of the Goa Expatriates

Quinn Aaron Shakra
Breaking Points: Women, Sexuality, Pornography, and the Vicissitudes of Feminist Group-Making Projects, 1970-1986

Victoria Sollecito
"Now I know you can rent it" Queerly Reading Community and Personal Identity in the Musical Rent

Monica Stancu
Discovering Roma Women's Voices: Roma Women's Activist Movement in Post-Communist Romania

Nydia Swaby
"Woman Radical, Woman Intellectual, Woman Activist:" The Political Life of Pan-African Feminist Amy Ashwood Garvey

Katherine Wadkins
"Freakin' Out:" Remaking Masculinity Through Punk Rock in the 1970s


Kristin Bretz
The Private Is Political: The Shifts in the Reproductive Rights Movement following the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision

Christina Burton
Unorthodox Sexualities: Gay Liberation and Same-Sex Marriage 1970 – 1974

Anne Louise Cranwell
“Don’t You Talk about My Mama!”: Black Women Writers and Motherhood in the Era of the Underclass

Lindsey Dayton
"Heavy iron blues" to "I pay my union dues": New York City's black women laundry workers in the 1930s

Lauren Fisch
In a Spark and Out a Living Flame: The Activist Life of Kitty Marion

Yie Foong
Frame Up in Monroe: The Mae Mallory Story

Christine Frieman
Redefining Respectability: Women and Coney Island at the Turn of the Century

Rachel Good
The Essential Woman

Maureen Lahey
Abraham Lincoln: A Gendered History, 1860 – 1865

Mrittika Shahita
“Fighting Freedom’s Battle”: Women Revolutionaries of Bengal

Shirley Stewart
The World of Stephanie St. Clair

Simona Torregrossa
Sarah Orne Jewett


Patria Alvelo
The Politics of Madness: The Mental Patient's Liberation Movement of the 1970s

Jessica Apuzzo
Mary McCarthy on the Vietnam War

Jessica Blakemore
She Works Hard for the Money: Working Women and Public discourse at the Turn of the Century

Erin Burrows
By the Hair of Her Chin: A Critical Biography of Bearded Lady Jane Barnell

Lauren Creight Clark
“No Man’s Yoke On My Shoulders”: the Politics of the Death in the Plantation South

Christa D’Angelica
Beyond Bikini Kill: A History of Riot Grrrl, From Grrrls to Ladies

Margaret Girouard
Heavy Angel, Mia Zapata: Exploring The Living Memory of a Seattle Legend

Diana Jimenez
Carmen Lyra: A Political Existence

Mary Klann
"Beaded Heritage”: Gender in Tourism and National Memory in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Gregorio Pablo Rodríguez-Arbolay Jr.
Connecting Fragments: Solidarity and Fragmentation in Montréal's Lesbian and Gay Communities, 1960-1976

Natty Seidenverg
Rebel Methods: Activists, Historians, and the Needs of a Suffering World  

Alexis Taines
After Suffrage: Maternalism and the Women's Joint Congressional Committee 1920-1922


Caroline Bitter
Evolution into Self: A Mormon Woman’s Struggle to Reconcile Radical Feminism and Religion

Sarah Cardwell
“I, too, am America”: The Founding of Bennett College for Women and the Implications of a Progressive Education for Black Women

Donna Kohut
Utopia as Anarchy: The Intersection of Anarchism, Utopianism, and Feminism in Nineteenth Century America

Bree Matson
Interconnections: Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, and the Emergence of Ecofeminism

Sara F. Moller-Christensen
Remembering Florence Kelley: The Life and Legacy of a Forgotten Progressive Era Social Reformer

Bergita Nokaj
Cartographies of Struggle: Mapping the Fragments of Albanian Identity in the Diaspora

Kate Schaab
Good Grooming: Etiquette and Beauty Guides, Cultural Segregation, Post-World War II America


Melissa Arjona
Old World Mothers, New World Daughters: Images of Mexican Immigrant Motherhood, 1965 - 2002

Tiffany Basdekis
Breaking with Convention: Frances Anne Kemble's Struggle With Slavery and Nineteenth Century Gender Norms

Vanessa DeSantis
"No Bright Lady's Shadow"; Villette and the Disruption of Mid-Victorian Constructions of Women, Desire and Representation

Samantha Erskine
Slavery's Echo: Racism, Stigma, and the Politics of Respectability in the lives of Black Erotic Laborers

Juliet Gentile
“The Sun rising from the West:” Gendered Perspectives on the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order

Linda Hirschfeld
Painting the Spanish Civil War: Frida Kahlo’s Palette of Personal and Political Allegory

Maranda Hyde
“Each One, Teach One”: Uncovering the Historical Significance Behind the Distortions of the Black Panther Party’s Dynamics

Joon Lee
The Third World Women's Alliance (TWWA): Women of Color Organizing in the Revolutionary Era, 1970-1980

Patricia Litwin
"How Could a Woman...Not Even Five Feet Tall, Change the World?": Rose Chernin and the Los Angeles Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born

Lisa Rude
Washington Debutante: The Coming Out of Elizabeth "Betty" Bloomer Ford


Vanessa Carr
"Just Because I'm a Woman": Country Music and Women's Liberation, 1964-1979

Rocio De La Rosa Campos
The Consequences of Globalization and Migration for the Lives and Experience of Salvadorian Immigrant Women

Jessica Dillard
“A Whale of A Man”: Manhood, Homoeroticism, and Herman Melville's Moby-Dick

Maria Earle
“Sing My Song”: The Legacy of Kathleen Stanford Grant

Desiree Fields
“Tain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do”: Black Women, Desire, and Dissemblance in the New Negro Renaissance, 1920-1930

Angela Lupton
“It’s About Time Someone Told That MOTHERLESS Lass She’s A Girl”: Transgressing Gender and Sexuality in Hollywood Musicals, 1953-1964

Rebecca Silverstein
Inducing Guilt: Mainstream Management of White Middle-Class Women During World War II

Meghan Todd
Helen Keller: "Militant Blind Girl, Believes Suffrage Will Lead to Socialism”: Exploring Contradictions between Biographical Scholarship and One Woman's Radical Voice

Jessie Wilkerson
Out Front and Strong: Local Women of the Tennessee Committee on Occupational Safety and Health


Ashley Beth Chaifetz
Introducing the American Dream: The Black Panther Party Survival Programs, 1966-1982

Sarah Crossley
"For Toilers of the Hand and Brain:" Rose Pesotta and Worker Education, 1933-1942

Dianne Carla Hay
Saving "Our Girls:" Levi-Strauss, Social Darwinism, and Constructions of Migrating Young Women as Victims

Gwen Kaminski
New Perspectives on the Old World: Transnationalism and Its Limits in the Life and Work of Anzia Yezierska

Diwas Kc
Of Consciousness and Criticism: Identity in the Intersections of the Gay Liberation Front and the Young Lords Party

Emilie LaRocque
The Manipulation of Victorian Gender Ideals: The Lives of Elvira Virginia Mugarrieta, Babe Bean, Beebe Beam and Jack Bee Garland

Jennifer Montalbano
Women's Health Action and Mobilization (WHAM!): Gauging the Pulse of a Movement

Laura Ann Pechacek
The Politics of Mothering: Harriet Jacobs, A Nineteenth Century Activist

Kirsten Springer
Building a Better Soldier: Cowboy Iconography and the Transmission of Ideology from Sand Creek to My Lai


Megan Beene
Navigating Topos: The Shifting Meanings and Manifestations of Utopia and Dystopia in the Women's Liberation Movement.

Akiko Fukino Iwase
Reclaiming History and Collective Identity: Love and the Japanese American Women Writers 1973-1999

Jaime Lockwood
Sacred Vows: Changing Perceptions of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience in American Catholic Nuns

Margo Note
Monster-Making: The Representation of Aileen Wuornos

Lea Osborne
Attempts at Bridging the Divide: The Alliances of the Liga Social Sufragista in the Struggle to Enfranchise Puerto Rican Women

Joshua Riegel
Ain't I A Wo/Man: The Politics of Masculinity & Communion in Stokely Carmichael & Charles V. Hamilton's "Black Power: the Politics of Liberation"

Natalie Rose
An Essential Indispensable Heritage: The SLC Women's History Program

Dawn Walsh
The Lesbian Avengers: Placing Them in the Center of the Spotlight


Rihana Azam
Murder of a Pakistani Muslim Immigrant Woman in Chicago: A Defining Moment.

Tamara Cohen
An Overlooked Bridge: Secular Women of the Jewish Left and the Rise of Jewish Feminism

Emily Holod
Politics of Accommodation, Practices of Integration: The Daughters of Bilitis and their Organizing around Differences of Race, Class and Sexuality.

Lenore Karo
The Racist Legacy of Charlotte Perkins Gilman.


Sarah Karp
The Heterodoxy Club: 1912-1920

Christine Mealey Mudarri
The Viability of a Democratic Space: Hallie Flanagan and the Federal Theatre Project's Living Newspapers

Erica Poff
A Ministry of Presence: Women/Wednesdays in Mississippi, 1964-1965

Jessie Ramey
"Execute Her!" Gender, Power and the Electric Chair


Dawn Bates
“I Am a Race Woman”: The Political Consciousness of Billie Holiday

Shelly Henderson
Personal Therapy, Political Healing: The Relationship Between Lesbians and Psychotherapy, 1970–1987

Marylyle McCue
Riding with a Whole Flock of Angels: Box Car Bertha, Ben Reitman and Conventions of Gender in the 1930s

Valerie Park
United Tradeswomen: The Nuts and Bolts of Women’s Grassroots Activism in the New York City Construction Industry, 1979–1984


Corinna Buchholz
“The Ruffin Incident” and Other Integration Battles: How “Civilized” Clubwomen Answered the “Color Question”

Karen Campbell
Bella Visono Dodd: From Communist to Catholic Anticommunist, An American Life

Laura Goodwin
Practical Faith and Faithful Practice: Religion and Reform among Congregational Friends, 1842–1850

Tara James
Sisters in Struggle: The Development of Black Feminism in SNCC

Erica Millette
“What Becomes of Chorus Girls?”: A National Fascination with Subversive Heroines

Christine Nardi
“Rogue Elephants”: The Republican Pro-choice Coalition and the Politics of Abortion

Seana O’Shaughnessy
Constructing God: Billy Sunday and Aimee Semple McPherson as Symbols of Masculinity and Femininity in Popular Religion, 1910–1930

Nancy Tufano
Patricia Highsmith Revisioned: The Politics and Aesthetics of Domesticity in Cold War American Literature


Jane Dusselier
Bon Bons, Lemon Drops and Oh! Henry Bars: Candy, Consumer Culture and the Construction of Gender, 1890–1920

Chrystie Hill
Flaming Youth: A Cultural History of Gender, Class and the American Cigarette

Kristen Hill
Myth America: The Many Lives of George Weldon

Mieko Kojima
Umeko Tsuda and the Founding of Joshi Eigaku (Tsuda College)

Ilsa Lund
A Call to ARMS: Women’s Grassroots Welfare Rights Organizing at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, 1980–1998

Jessica Matthews
s Bearing False Witness: Fiction and Fact in Hollywood “Nun Films,” 1943–1995

Kyes Stevens
“By Our Surroundings Ye Shall Know Us”: Alabama Black Home Demonstration Agents and the Complexities of Moral and Social Uplift, 1928–1936


Lashonda Barnett
A Journey Home: New York African American Lesbians and Religious Autonomy

Staci Dixon
“These Viral Times”: The Legacy of Women’s Activism in the Transformation of AIDS Biomedical Research

Sarah Dowdy
Stark Contradictions and Glamorous Harmonies: Katherine Von Etten Lyford and the Cultural Politics of Travel in 1946

Isela Griffith
An Unfinished Sculpture: The Revolutionary Work of Judith Malina in America, 1968–1969

Rona Holub
The Rise of Fredericka “Marm” Mandelbaum: Criminal Enterprise and the ‘American Dream’ in New York City, 1850–1884

Leah Nelson
The Jewish Immigrant Question: The National Council of Jewish Women and Their Immigrant Aid Program of Work, 1914–1924

Rachelle Sussman
Conjuring Marie Laveau: The Syncretic Life of a 19th Century Voodoo Priestess in America


Elisabeth McCall
Philosophy and Heroism: The Roles of Ideology and Activism in the Work of Matilda Joslyn Gage

Rebecca Raible
Conquering Comstock Law: The Combined Efforts of Mary Ware Dennett and Margaret Sanger

Mary Reynolds
Busy Preserving Indian Culture: Margaret Lewis, Mabel Dodge and Elsie Parsons in the New Mexican Pueblos, 1921–1925

Nannette Romero
The Ballad of Dolores Huerta: Heroine of La Causa

Holly Stovall
Women’s Conscription Versus Motherhood: the Female Draft Debate During World War II

Davidde Strackbein
Women’s ”Invisible Business“: Rural Household and Boarding Patterns in Mid-Nineteenth Century Greenwich, Connecticut


Jean Poyntons
Woman as Ballerina: The Development of Her Role and its Genderization in Balanchine’s Company

Mariana Romano
Constructing the American Catholic: Sister Justina’s Veritas, Cincinnati’s Italian Problem

Jennifer Tammi
Losing Faith: The WTUL’s Disenchantment with Immigrants in the Progressive Era


Kris Ann Cappelluti
The Confines of Class: Alva Belmont and the Politics of Woman Suffrage

Lisa DeBoer
Female Gentlemen and Lesbian Ladies: The Hidden Lesbians in the Diaries of Anne Lister

Kristina Engstrom
Radical or Respectable?: Class and Ethnicity in the Early Student Peace Movement at Hunter College, 1932–1935

Tomoko Ishii
The Way “Civilized” Ladies Should Give Birth: History of Birthing Postures in America and George Julius Engelmann, an Advocate of Upright Birthing Positions in Late Nineteenth-Century America

Toko Oshima
Sisterhood is Powerful. It Kills Sisters: Ti-Grace Atkinson and the Feminists

Kate Shaughnessy
Negotiating the Collective Self: Clerical Work Culture and Labor Militancy at the University of Minnesota, 1989–1994

Michelle Spinelli
“Neither a Personal nor a Private Enterprise”: The College Settlements Association, 1897–1917

Wendy Victor
Cultural Arrogance and the Work of Benevolence: Women Writers’ Attempts to Reform Indian Policy in the New Republic, 1824–1884


Kelly Anderson
Out in the Fifties: The Daughters of Bilitis and the Politics of Identity

Rebecca Husman
Altering the Most Subversive Fictional Girl Detective: Nancy Drew in the 1930s

Maura McNamara
Women in Combat: The History, Debate and Theoretical Issues Pertaining to Women in the United States Military

Lisa Rudikoff
Women in the Popular Front Student Peace Movement: Vassar College, 1935–1941


Elizabeth Coleman
Mary Ware Dennett: The ‘Sex Side of Life,’ a Reproductive Rights Agenda, 1910–1930

Grace Hackmeier
Work and Laws: Sexual Politics in Greenwich Village, 1907–1920

Sheila Hale
Silence and Voice in the Autobiographies of Florence Kelley and Emma Goldman

Theresa Kane
A Subtle Revolution: Significant Changes in the Lives of Roman Catholic Nuns in the Last Half of the 20th Century

Amy Khoudari
Looking in the Shadows: the Life and Photography of Alice Austen

Evelyn Leong
Listening for the Silences: Chinese-American Women’s Autobiography as Historical Document

Susan Ochs-Scher
Shoptalk: Beauty Parlor Operators, Customers, and Work Culture, 1920–1940

Katherine Sarno
Lucy Stone: Anti-Racist Feminist and Woman Suffrage Leader

Noriko Shoyama
Metamorphosis: The Oral History of Japanese American Women Who Settled on the East Coast After the Internment


Margaret Haas
“The Great Opportunity: The Vanderbilt-Peabody Nursing Controversy”

Peggy Kavounas
“Feeblemindedness and Prostitution: The Laboratory of Social Hygiene’s Influence on Progressive Era Prostitution Reform”


Elizabeth Grundy
Planted by the Feminine Hand: Mercy Otis Warren and Republican Motherhood

Elizabeth Shanklin
Toward Matriarchy: The Radical Struggle in the United States to Reconstruct Motherhood, 1785–1925

Ronnie Walker
The Lesbian History Archive of New York City: Its Founders and Their Contribution to Contemporary History


Kay Griffin-Juechter
Fannie Lou Hamer: From Sharecropper to Freedom Fighter


Margot Abels
“A Shadow on the Land”: Mandatory Premarital and Prenatal Testing Legislation for Syphilis in the 1930s, A Sexual and Political Analysis

Ninia Baehr
With a Vengeance: Radical Pioneers of the Abortion Movement, 1961–1973

Judith Ann Magee
Marie Curie: A Study of America’s Use of Marie Curie as a Devoted Wife and Mother, Saintly Scientist, and Healer of Humanity


Takeko Iinuma
A History of the Women’s Peace Association of Japan: The Japanese Section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in the Period Before World War II


Gayle V. Fischer
Clothes Make the Woman: The National Dress Reform Association, 1856–1865

Maureen McCarthy
Publicist for Peace: The Political Thought of Lucia Ames Mead


Annette Igra
Motherhood, Culture, and Class in New York City Jewish Women’s Consumer Protest of 1917

Anne Janiak
Women’s Struggle for Political Equity: Political Experiments and the Experience of the New York City Woman Suffrage Party and the League of Women Voters, 1909–1921

Mary McAtee
Irish Immigrant Women at Work: Employment Patterns in Hartford, Connecticut, 1900

Elizabeth Metzger
Designing a Curriculum for Women: Stephens College in the 1920s

Elizabeth Wolfarth-Dempster
A New Creation on Earth: The Evolution of Christianity’s Blessed Mother Mary


Thalia Cassuto
Frances Perkins: Establishing the Links Between New Deal Social Welfare Legislation and National Consumer’s League Social Welfare Policies

Ryoko Kurihara
The Japanese Woman Suffrage Movement in Comparison with the American Movement


Stephanie Boccher-Frost
Profile of a Woman Artist and Her Time: Elizabeth Robins and the 19th-Century English Theater


Gail Bragg
Female Enfranchisement and World War I: A Case Study of New York, 1915–1917

Joanne Goodwin
Women Workers in Applied Design: The History of the N.Y. School of Applied Design for Women, 1892–1917

Melanie Gustafson
Lola Maverick Lloyd


Harriet Alonso
A Shared Responsibility: The Women and Men of the People’s Council of America for Democracy and Peace, 1917–1919

Kate Jastram Bailian
Fame and Femininity in the Life of Fanny Burney: A Literary Lion in 18th Century England

Nancy Cinnater
Women Hoboes of the Depression, 1929–1939

Miriam Formanek-Brunell
The New York City Young Women’s Christian Association: Ballard School, 1879–1920

Bonnie Johnson
There’s No More “Getting” on Their Knees’: An Historical Overview of Household Employment in the United States

Leslie Jones-Wentz
Women’s Right to Control Their Bodies: The Development of an Ideology, 1800–1980

Kathleen Nilan
“Peregrinations of a Pariah”: The Life and Work of Flora Tristan


Jean Azulay
Female Networks for Social Change: Progressive Reform in the New Deal


Pamela Elam
“How Long Must Women Wait for Liberty”: Perceptions of the Militant Woman Suffrage Movement in the U.S., 1916–1920

Peggy Pascoe
Girls’ Adolescence in the Northern American West, 1837–1900

Mary Louise Roberts
Frances Wright and Ernestine Rose: Free Thinkers and Feminists

Mary Wood
The American Experience of Pre-World War II Jewish Refugee Women and Men


Carole Nichols Artigiani
A New Force in Politics: The Suffragists’ Experience in Connecticut

Ginger Chih
Immigration of Chinese Women to the U.S., 1900–1940

Delight Wing Dodyk
Winders, Warpers, and Girls on the Loom: A Study of Women in the Paterson, New Jersey, Silk Industry and Their Participation in the General Strike of 1913

Lisa Duggan
Sisters, Bondswomen, Arise!: Socialism and Feminism in England, 1820–1845

Christina Greene
Kate Richards O’Hare: A Socialist Gadfly

Reverend Sheryl Kujawa
The Greenwell Family of Maryland, 1625–1775: A Study in the Role and Status of Women Through Four Generations of a Roman Catholic Colonial Family

Sandra Peacock
Josephine Butler: Middle-Class Supporter of Working-Class Feminism

Joan Rappaport
Working-Class Women and the English State, 1870–1914: The Struggle Over Social Legislation


Susan Cayleff
The Eradication of Female Mid-wifery

Pat Gaarder
A Passe Controversy: The Life Decisions of Sarah Lawrence College Graduates, Class of 1930 and Class of 1952

Susan Gottheil
The Invisible Citizen: The Political and Economic Position of Women in France During the Interwar Period

Marilyn Greenspan
Ladies in the Dark: A Study of Women Revealed in the American Musical Comedy, 1940–1950

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