Melissa Frazier

AB, Harvard University. PhD, University of California-Berkeley. Special interests include the 19th-century novel and literature and the literary marketplace. Author of articles and books on topics including Pushkin, Senkovskii, Gogol, Tolstoy, and Russian Formalism. Awarded the 2007 Jean-Pierre Barricelli Prize for “Best Work in Romanticism Studies” by the International Conference of Romanticism for Romantic Encounters: Writers, Readers, and the “Library for Reading” (Stanford University Press, 2007). SLC, 1995–

Undergraduate disciplines: Russian, Literature

Courses taught in Russian

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  • Advanced Russian: St. Petersburg
  • Beginning Russian
  • Beginning Russian
  • Beginning Russian
  • Intermediate Russian

Courses taught in Literature

Courses from previous years

  • First-Year Studies: Dostoevsky and the West
  • Dostoevsky and the Age of Positivism

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Selected Publications

  • Romantic Encounters: Writers, Readers and the “Library for Reading, Stanford University Press, 2007

    Awarded the 2007 Jean-Pierre Barricelli Prize for “best work in Romanticism studies” by the International Conference of Romanticism.

  • Frames of the Imagination: Gogol’s Arabesques and the Romantic Question of Genre. , Peter Lang Publishing, 2000.
  • “Преподавание Бахтина американским студентам”
  • “Sun-bathed Steppes in French Prisons: Bresson Reading Dostoevsky”
  • “Balzacorama: Panoramic Vision in Nabokov’s Lolita”
  • “Turgenev and a Proliferating French Press: the Feuilleton and Feuilletonistic in A Nest of the Gentry”
  • “Попытка сравнения русского и американского подходов к преподаванию литературы” (“An attempt at a comparison of the Russian and American approaches to the teaching of literature”)”
  • “Personae and Personality in O. I. Senkovskij”
  • “Romantic Relationships: Senkovskii and Romantic Literary Criticism”
  • “Erasing the Borders of Criticism: Senkovskij, Readers and Writers”
  • “Space and Genre in Gogol’‘s Arabeski”
  • “De-familiarizing the Tolstoj of Formalism”
  • “Arabeski, Architecture and Printing,” in The Subject’s Space: Empire, Nation, and the Culture of Russia’s Golden Age”
  • “Kapitanskaja dočka and the Creativity of Borrowing”
Melissa Frazier

Melissa Frazier