Information Studies

Information studies is the study of how information is created, distributed, described, accessed, evaluated, and received. The discipline critically analyzes all of these facets of the world of information, as well as how the transmission and consumption of information constructs culture. On the practical side, the field also promotes equitable access to that information. Information studies at Sarah Lawrence College promotes actively engaging these skills in the research process and in understanding how information impacts society.

Information studies is inherently interdisciplinary and employs principles and methodologies that are applicable to research in most fields. The library is the locus of information studies. And just as the library is the place where one engages with any and all ideas, the field of information studies investigates all disciplines.

Information Studies 2023-2024 Courses

Interrogating the Information Ecosystem

Open, Seminar—Fall | 1 credit

We are surrounded—even bombarded—by information. And like a biological ecosystem, there are many interconnecting components and places in our information ecosystem. In this course, we will survey some of the different types of information. We’ll explore how to find, evaluate, and contextualize information, as well as how to use it in our research. We’ll interrogate the power structure of information classification systems, the practice of libraries and archives, and the privileging of some kinds of knowledge—and knowledge makers—over others. The course will combine theory and practice and will be applicable across all information types and fields of inquiry.