Marion Wilson

Undergraduate Discipline

Visual and Studio Arts

Undergraduate Courses 2021-2022

Visual and Studio Arts

Color and Light: Painting With Watercolor, Dyes, and Fluid Media

Open, Seminar—Fall

This course uses water-based media in both traditional and nontraditional ways to create evocative paintings on paper, with pigments (both art and non-art) suspended in water. Watercolor and gouache are two of the oldest pigment-based media and continues to be used widely by artists, illustrators, designers, and architects. This class will specifically focus on color and the effects of layering, transparency, translucency, and absorbency. Students will be introduced to a range of brushes, sponges, paper types, paint media, and techniques. We will use landscape, portraiture, and other subject matter to represent water, light, flesh, atmosphere, and solid earth.  In a final section of this course, we will introduce sustainable painting practices by introducing organically created pigments. Artists surveyed include Charles Burchfield, Anselm Kiefer, Marcel Dumas, Winslow Homer, Egon Schiele, Vik Muniz, Dana Sherwood, Tattfoo Tan, Taylor Davis, Laylah Ali, and Marcel Dzama.