Linwood J. Lewis

Anita Stafford Chair in Service Learning

Note: on leave spring semester

BA, Manhattanville College. MA, PhD, City University of New York. MS, Columbia University. Special interests in the effects of culture and social context on conceptualization of health and illness, effects of the physical environment on physical, psychological and social health, multicultural aspects of genetic counseling, the negotiation of HIV within families, and the development of sexuality in ethnic minority adolescents and adults. Recipient of a MacArthur postdoctoral fellowship and an NIH-NRSA research fellowship. SLC, 1997–

Undergraduate discipline: Psychology

Courses taught in Psychology

Courses from previous years

  • First-Year Studies: Health, Illness, and Medicine in a Multicultural Context: A Service Learning Course
  • Intersections of Multiple Identities
  • Sex Is Not a Natural Act: Social Science Explorations of Human Sexuality
  • Children’s Health in a Multicultural Context
  • Environment, Race, and the Psychology of Place
  • Gender Research Seminar: Focus on Men and Masculinities
  • Beyond the Matrix of Race: Psychologies of Race and Ethnicity
  • Children’s Health in a Multicultural Context
  • Studying Men and Masculinities

Courses taught in Art of Teaching Program

Courses from previous years

  • The Child and the Family: Social, Cultural, and Health-Related Issues at Home and in School - Graduate

Courses taught in Child Development Program

Courses from previous years

  • Intersections of Multiple Identities - Graduate

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