Daniel King

Sara Yates Exley Chair in Teaching Excellence

BS, Lafayette College. MS, PhD, University of Virginia. Special interests in mathematics education, game theory, history and philosophy of mathematics, and the outreach of mathematics to the social sciences and the humanities. Author of research papers in the areas of nonassociative algebra, fair division theory, and mathematics education; governor of the Metropolitan New York Section of the Mathematical Association of America; member, Board of Editors, The College Mathematics Journal. SLC, 1997–

Undergraduate discipline: Mathematics

Courses taught in Mathematics

Courses from previous years

  • An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Analysis
  • First-Year Studies: Mathematics in Context: Philosophy, Society, Culture, and Conflict
  • Topology: The Nature of Shape and Space
  • Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications
  • An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Analysis
  • Game Theory: The Study of Strategy and Conflict
  • Linear Algebra: The Mathematics of Matrices and Vector Spaces

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Research Interests

Special interests in mathematics education, history and philosophy of mathematics, game theory, fair division theory, social choice theory, abstract algebra, applied statistics, and the outreach of mathematics to areas in the social sciences; author of research papers in the areas of Jordan theory, nonassociative superalgebras, fair division theory, mathematics education and mathematical literature.


  • SLC Mathematical Resource Center
    Providing assessment, counseling, and tutoring for students wishing to strengthen their mathematical skills.
  • Current committees
    Curriculum Committee, Committee on Academic Preparation of Teachers
  • Former committees
    Advisory Committee on Appointments and Tenure, General Committee, Web Advisory Committee, Advisory Committee for the Center for Continuing Education, Substance Use Committee, Admissions Committee, Sports Center Committee, Budget Committee

Professional affiliations

  • Metropolitan New York Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
    A professional society of over 1,000 mathematicians in the greater New York City area focused on enhancing undergraduate mathematics education.
  • The College Mathematics Journal
    Member of Board of Editors
    A publication of the Mathematics Association of America that publishes articles, short Classroom Capsules, problems, solutions, media reviews and other pieces specifically aimed at the college mathematics curriculum with emphasis on topics taught in the first two years.
  • Section NExT: New Experiences in Teaching
    A program aimed at supporting new and rising Ph.D's in mathematics or mathematics education. Section NExT is a local version of the highly successful national MAA program Project NExT. Like Project NExT, Section NExT's goal is to support new and pre-tenured faculty who are interested in improving the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics. Section NExT aims to provide New York area mathematicians who have recently entered the profession with practical information about, and concrete suggestions for, implementing more effective pedagogical and professional strategies, ranging from new teaching methods to writing grant proposals and balancing teaching and research responsibilities.

Selected Publications

  • Mathematical Ideas and Images in the Works of Jorge Luis Borges

    (In progress with students N. Mendoza, H. Mezzabolta, N. Scott and C. Wolf)

  • An Interesting Application of Multivariable Calculus to Marine Biology Research

    (In progress with Ray Clarke)

  • Efficient Fair Division: Helping the Worst Off or Avoiding Envy?
    Rationality and Society, 17, no. 4, November 2005
  • From Calculus to Topology: Teaching Lecture-Free Seminar Courses at all levels of the Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum
    PRiMUS (Problems, Resources, and issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies), September, 2002
  • Quadratic Jordan Superalgebras
    Communications in Algebra, 29 (2000), 375-401
  • The Kantor Doubling Process Revisited
    Communications in Algebra, 23 (1995), 357-372 (with Kevin McCrimmon)
  • The Split Kac Superalgebra K10
    Communications in Algebra, 22 (1994), 29-40
  • The Kantor Construction of Jordan Superalgebras
    Communications in Algebra, 20 (1992), 109-126 (with Kevin McCrimmon)

Lectures, Talks and Presentations

  • “Win, Lose or Draw (But Most Likely Win!): The Mathematics of TV Game Shows”

    Science Seminar Series, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, November 2010

  • “The Mathematics of Conflict: Games Against Gods and Criminals”

    Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, NY, November 2010

  • “What’s Wrong with the Electoral College? Historical and Mathematical Perspectives”

    Dutchess Community College, Poughkeepsie, NY, September 2009

  • “Jorge Luis Borges and Mathematics”

    Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, April, 2008

Daniel King

Daniel King