Graduate Profiles

Samantha Erskine '07

Samantha ErskineSamantha Erskine knew the individualized, non-traditional curriculum at SLC would suit her eclectic background, having worked as a web designer and professional dancer prior to earning her M.A at Sarah Lawrence.

Jessie Wilkerson '06

Jessie WilkersonFrom her perspective as both an academic and an activist, Jessie Wilkerson wrote her thesis on the local activism of working class women in East Tennessee.

Valerie Park '01

Valerie ParkIntrigued by interdisciplinary study and a desire to deepen her connection to public history, Valerie Park decided to pursue a second master's degree—leading her to Historical Archaeology.

Lea Osborne ’04

Lea OsborneLea Osborne discovered that she could use her own experience as a multiracial woman to examine Puerto Rican women's roles in the suffrage movement.

Shelly Henderson ’01

Shelly HendersonShelly Henderson utilized the knowledge and insight gained through her studies at Sarah Lawrence, and applied these tools toward a career as a psychologist.

LaShonda Barnett ’98

LaShonda BarnettLaShonda Barnett found through interdisciplinary coursework —history and anthropology— she could combine her scholarly and creative interests.

Video Corner

Katrina Brown

Student Katrina Brown shares her thoughts on Sarah Lawrence College's Women's History program. Watch on YouTube»