Joint Degree in Women's History & Law

In cooperation with Pace University in White Plains, NY, Sarah Lawrence College offers a joint degree in Women’s History and Law. By earning two complementary degrees, students gain an arsenal of professional skills, equipping them to think about, write about, and advocate for women’s/LGBTQ issues in diverse ways. The joint degree offers our graduates a position of greater authority in any professional setting and helps them to understand not just the details of legal jurisprudence, but the historical impact that various laws and policies have had on women and LGBTQ communities.

  • Students in this program earn both a Master of Arts and a Juris Doctor.
  • By taking courses that count toward both degrees, students in the joint program can earn the MA and JD in four years of full-time study.
  • Requirements for the two degrees include a total of 120 credits. In keeping with the dual degree program integration, Pace accepts 12 credits from Sarah Lawrence and Sarah Lawrence accepts 12 credits from Pace to satisfy the overall 120 credit degree requirement.
  • Opportunities for graduates include careers as attorneys, activists, lobbyists, educators, and more.
  • Pace University is located in White Plains, New York, and is known for excellence in various emerging areas of law. Pace Law School emphasizes the Socratic Method and experiential teaching through clinics, simulation courses, and externships.
  • Students completing the joint degree may participate in programs and events at the Women’s Justice Center based at Pace Law School.