Women's History Accelerated Degree Program


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Sarah Lawrence College's accelerated degree program allows students to complete all 48 credits toward their MA in Women’s History in 15 months of continuous study.

  • The Accelerated Degree program is designed to prepare students for careers in public service, NGOs, and throughout the nonprofit sector.
  • The program is focused on practical applications of historical knowledge in the areas of gender policy and advocacy. It expands the focus of the traditional M.A. program to include ways policy and advocacy can impact women’s lives on local, national, and international levels.
  • In lieu of the traditional thesis, students work with professors on independent capstone projects culminating in research papers that address a practical problem and propose solutions.
  • Students develop skills in historical research, writing, strategic planning, program design, policy analysis, and public history.
  • Students address a wide range of concerns, including human rights, gendered violence, racial justice, LGBTQIA issues, family policy, labor conditions, education, and healthcare.

Typical Full-Time Accelerated Program

The curriculum below assumes full-time enrollment, but part-time study is also available. While most students will follow the program outlined here, other arrangements may be available depending on a student’s previous academic experience and individual needs. At the discretion of program faculty, students may be awarded transfer credits for graduate courses completed elsewhere.

Semester 1 (Summer)

  • Summer Seminar: The Usable Past: Introduction to Practical Applications of Historical Knowledge of Women and Gender, including Independent Study (12 credits)

Semester 2 & 3 (Fall/Spring)

  • Visions/Revisions: Issues in Women’s & Gender History (10 credits)
  • Research Seminar (10 credits)
  • History Colloquium (4 credits)
  • Research Methods Workshop (noncredit)

Semester 4 (Summer)

  • Capstone Seminar and Project: History Matters: Advanced Work in the Practical Application of Historical Knowledge of Women and Gender (12 credits)