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Index Term Description Publication Volume, Number Date Page(s)
Hughes, Florence Bentley In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Summer 1999 44
Hughes, John (Jackson) In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Spring 1990 57
Hughes, Margaret Pardee In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2006 45
Hughes, Rosalie Day At Reunion 1984 with Class of 1969 (group photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 1985 43
Hughes, Rosalie Day At Perfect Weekend 1994 with Class of 1969 (group photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 52
Hughes, Sarah Shaver Article by, describes how she balances motherhood and continuing her education Alumnae/I Magazine Vol. 25 # 3 Spring 1960 11, 21
Hughes, Sarah Shaver New book published Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1982 19
Hughes, Sarah Shaver New book published Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 38
Hughes, Sarah Shaver New books in the library Sarah Lawrence Winter 1996 32
Hughes, Sarah Shaver Book published Sarah Lawrence Summer 1997 50
Hughes, Sarah Shaver Recent publication Sarah Lawrence Summer 2000 29
Hughes, Virginia Russ In sculpture room in the 1930s (photo) From the Classes July 1978 28
Hughes, Virginia Russ In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Winter 1987 66
Huhn, Thomas At Reunion 1984 with Class of 1979 (group photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 1985 50
Huhn, Thomas Alumnae/i Publications Sarah Lawrence Spring 2005 50
Hulitar, Mary Gerstenberg Article about, "One Woman, Well-Dressed" (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 23 # 2 February 1958 20-21
Human Genetics Program Announcement and description of program Alumnae/i Magazine Spring 1971 15
Human Genetics Program Telephone information service for physicians Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Vol. 2 # 3 April 1973 cover-1
Human Genetics Program Enrollment Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Vol. 3 # 1 December 1973 1
Human Genetics Program Grant awarded to, Alumnae/i Magazine Summer 1974 3
Human Genetics Program Held first annual Melissa Lewis Richter Lecture Series Sarah Lawrence Bulletin May 1976 7
Human Genetics Program Received Allied Health Professions Special Projects Grant Sarah Lawrence Bulletin May 1976 7
Human Genetics Program Conference Sarah Lawrence Bulletin September 1976 7
Human Genetics Program Melissa Lewis Richter Memorial Lecture Sarah Lawrence Bulletin September 1976 7
Human Genetics Program "Teaching Genetics Conference" Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1977 6
Human Genetics Program Update on employment of graduates of the program Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1979 4
Human Genetics Program Sponsored a conference on Genetic Counseling Sarah Lawrence Bulletin November 1979 5
Human Genetics Program Featured in a series on graduate programs at SLC (photos) Sarah Lawrence Bulletin April 1982 1-7
Human Genetics Program Announcement for Reproductive Freedoms Workshop Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 68
Human Genetics Program Update on the program and graduates Sarah Lawrence Winter 1986 32
Human Genetics Program Updates on including the conference on "Advocacy in Health Care", as noted in the President's Report Sarah Lawrence Winter 1987 6
Human Genetics Program Workshop funded by March of Dimes Sarah Lawrence Spring 1990 22
Human Genetics Program Update on, as noted in the President's Report, 1981-1991 Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1991 9
Human Genetics Program Article, Genetic Counseling: What do Messages from our Cells Really Mean? Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1992 2-5
Human Genetics Program Celebrated 25th anniversary in 1994 Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 19-20
Human Genetics Program Article about one student's experience, Phuong My Le Sarah Lawrence Summer 1998 15-16
Human Genetics Program Retirement of Joan Marks Sarah Lawrence Summer 1998 16
Human Genetics Program Expansion of the graduate programs at SLC Sarah Lawrence Fall 2000 20-21
Human Genetics Program Article, Rehearsing Reality, about using theatre students to rehearse conferences with genetics counselors Sarah Lawrence Summer 2003 6
Human Genetics Program Brief history of in article Big Ideas Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 15-17
Human Genetics Program New York Breast Cancer Study research participant - results published in Science journal Sarah Lawrence Winter 2004 3
Human Genetics Program Received grant from the National Society of Genetic Counselors Sarah Lawrence Winter 2006 5
Human Genetics Program Sponsored lecture by Dr. Alan Edward Guttmacher (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2007 7
Hummel, Dorothy Hayes (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 12 # 1 November 1946 20
Hummel, Dorothy Hayes In Memoriam Classes September 1982 42
Humor You Had to Be There - article about humor about Sarah Lawrence with photos, cartoons, and articles Sarah Lawrence Summer 2002 42-43
Humphrey, Connie Esper Letter to the Editor, congratulations to the new Sarah Lawrence Magazing Sarah Lawrence Winter 2006 4
Humphrey, Constance Esper At Perfect Weekend 1991 with Class of 1971 (group photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1991 40
Humphrey, Constance Esper In group photograph of Class of 1971 at Reunion Sarah Lawrence Fall 1996 41
Humphrey, Doris Reprint of Water Study drawing Sarah Lawrence Summer 2001 14
Humphrey, Mrs. Hubert (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 30 # 1 Fall 1964 4
Hunsucker, Tona Participant in New York City Career Exploration Trip (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1991 13
Hunt, Barbette Tweed Featured in article re alumnae in perfomring arts (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 34 # 2 Spring 1969 6-8
Hunt, Constance Tramm Recipient of Marian K. Bryan Poetry Prize and winning poem, "Nones of March" Sarah Lawrence Bulletin September 1980 7
Hunt, Elizabeth (Betty) Larsen New Alumnae Association Board member bio Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 25 # 1 Fall 1959 7
Hunt, Elizabeth (Betty) Larsen In Memoriam From the Classes October 1976 19
Hunt, Ellen Picking Article re her year abroad in Paris (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 27 # 3 Spring 1962 7-12
Hunt, Jennifer Alumnae/i Publications Sarah Lawrence Fall 2010 54
Hunt, Jennifer Excerpt from "Seven Shots: An NYPD Raid on a Terrorist Cell and its Aftermath" (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2010 68-71
Hunt, Scott Illustrations throughout this issue of the magazine Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1993 entire magazine
Hunter, Margaret Lawrence Daughter of alum Phyllis Motley (photo) Alumnae/I Magazine Vol. 25 # 2 Winter 1960 10
Hunter-Gault, Charlayne Gave annual Martin Luther King, Jr. lecture (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1993 19
Huntress, Helen Johnson In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Summer 1985 63
Huntress, Helen Johnson In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1987 72
Hurlin, Dan Article on his teaching strategies in the theatre and his new opera, The Shoulder (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1998 24-25
Hurlin, Dan Recent performance Sarah Lawrence Spring 2000 20
Hurlin, Dan Article about his work with Puppet Central Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2001 11
Hurlin, Dan Statement on his art in reaction to September 11th Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2001 25
Hurlin, Dan New work Sarah Lawrence Spring 2001 22
Hurlin, Dan Recent projects Sarah Lawrence Spring 2002 36
Hurlin, Dan Featured in an article on humor Sarah Lawrence Summer 2002 23
Hurlin, Dan Recipient of Guggenheim Fellowship Sarah Lawrence Summer 2002 40
Hurlin, Dan Participant in discussion on relationship between sexual identity and creativity (photos) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2003 26-30
Hurlin, Dan Recent awards (photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 2005 44
Hurlin, Dan Article about the creation of the Collage and Sculpture Workshop and the children's theatre group The Green Sensations (photo) Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2006 34-35
Hurlin, Dan Faculty profile (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2008 8
Hurlin, Dan Assisted in production of dance piece by Kathy Westwater Sarah Lawrence Spring 2009 15
Hurst, Marsha Article on her research on breast cancer with Jane Nusbaum Sarah Lawrence Spring 2001 11
Hurst, Marsha Letter to the editor re Prison/Release article in Spring 2002 issue Sarah Lawrence Summer 2002 3
Hurst, Marsha Workshops for Health Advocacy Sarah Lawrence Spring 2005 34
Hurst, Marsha Leader of project that received grant from the National Society of Genetics Counselors Sarah Lawrence Winter 2006 5
Hurwitz, Donald Married to another alum Classes Fall 1983 8
Hurwitz, Jocelyn Birnbaum Recipient of Yonkers Scholarship Sarah Lawrence Winter 1986 34
Hurwitz, Rita Leibowitz Married to another alum Classes Fall 1983 8
Huston, Nancy Recent publication Sarah Lawrence Fall 2000 55
Hutcheson, Rebecca At Reunion 2005 (photo) Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2005 73
Huxley, Aldous Speaker for Mona Bronfman Sheckman Lecture Series Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 28 # 1 Fall 1962 back cover
Hyde, Mary Robertson Obituary Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 9 # 3 March 1944 23
Hyland, Deborah Hively At Perfect Weekend 1992 with class of 1982 (group photo) Sarah Lawrence 1993 40
Hyler-Perry, Irene At Reunion 1985 with Class of 1975 (group photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1985 51
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