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Index Term Description Publication Volume, Number Date Page(s)
Gumprecht, Pamela Howard Letter regarding her experiences on the "Traveling Seminar in India and Nepal" (photos) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1988 30-31
Gumprecht, Pamela Howard New Trustee bio (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1989 21
Gumprecht, Pamela Howard At Perfect Weekend 1992 with class of 1962 (group photo) Sarah Lawrence 1993 32
Gumprecht, Pamela Howard Re-elected to Board of Trustees Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1993 20-21
Gumprecht, Pamela Howard Representative for Alice Ilchman at Northeastern University inauguration Sarah Lawrence Summer 1997 38
Gumprecht, Pamela Howard Donation for the Visual Arts Center (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2000 22-24
Gund, Sarah Elected to the Board of Trustees (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2009 16
Gund, Sarah Gray Kerlin Featured in section "A Summer is to Learn," discusses her summer in African (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 30 # 1 Fall 1964 6, 8
Gund, Sarah Gray Kerlin At Perfect Weekend 1990 with Class of 1965 (group photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1990 35
Gund, Sarah Gray Kerlin With Class of 1965 at Perfect Weekend (group photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 1996 42
Gunderman, Daniel Comment on selecting SLC Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1990 18-19
Gundersheimer, Karen (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 23 # 1 Fall 1957 4
Gundersheimer, Karen Gift to the Library Sarah Lawrence Bulletin December 1980 7
Gundersheimer, Karen New book published Sarah Lawrence Bulletin December 1980 11
Gunther, Molly Parents Donna Gunther-Kaleidia and Kenneth Kaleidia at Faculty on the Road (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2008 42
Gupta, Shekhar Lecture during the "Traveling Seminar in India and Nepal" Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1988 30-31
Gurganus, Allan Panelist for discussion "Why Liberal Arts Today" on Parent's Day (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Summer 1973 15
Gurganus, Allan Recipient of Danforth Fellowship, Article by (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Summer 1973 24, 45
Gurganus, Allan Recent publications and panel discussions Sarah Lawrence Bulletin May 1980 7
Gurganus, Allan Article by, "You Can Go Home Again" on his return to SLC as a faculty member (photos) Sarah Lawrence Bulletin September 1980 9-10
Gurganus, Allan Recent readings Sarah Lawrence Bulletin October 1981 11
Gurganus, Allan Recent publications Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Spring 1983 10
Gurganus, Allan Recent award and publications Sarah Lawrence Spring 1984 12
Gurganus, Allan Recent award, publication and projects (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1985 17, 19
Gurganus, Allan Recent publications and projects Sarah Lawrence Winter 1986 27
Gurganus, Allan Recent projects and publications (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1987 36
Gurganus, Allan Awarded tenure Sarah Lawrence Winter 1987 4
Gurganus, Allan Recent publications Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1988 46
Gurganus, Allan Excerpt from Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All and one of his illustrations (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1989 22-23
Gurganus, Allan Response to question, How do you create? (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 1990 8
Gurganus, Allan Featured in an article on alumnae/i writers (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1991 6-9
Gurganus, Allan Article on his establishment of the Grace Paley Scholarship Fund for undergraduate writing students Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1991 9
Gurganus, Allan New book in the library Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1994 44
Gurganus, Allan Excerpt from On Tattered Wings (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 1996 10-13
Gurganus, Allan Reading from On Tattered Wings (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 22
Gurganus, Allan Reprint of essay, Sherman's Ghost, on September 11th Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2001 21
Gurganus, Allan Interview with Celia Regan on telling stories (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 2001 18-20
Gurganus, Allan Excerpt from The Practical Heart Sarah Lawrence Summer 2001 19
Gurganus, Allan Photo of with recipients of Alumnae/i Citations at Reunion Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2003 27
Gurganus, Allan Recipient of Alumnae/i Citation for Achievement (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2003 40-41
Gurganus, Allan Book published Sarah Lawrence Spring 2003 57
Gurganus, Allan Article by, about Grace Paley Sarah Lawrence Fall 2007 25
Gurganus, Allan Appearance in the documentary film "Grace Paley: Collected Shorts" Sarah Lawrence Spring 2011 53
Gurin, Ellie Marmelstein Participant on study abroad panel during Parents Day Sarah Lawrence Winter 1986 31
Gussow, Alan New faculty member bio Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 24 # 1 Fall 1958 9
Gussow, Mel Lecture on "Issues and Directions of Contemporary Theatre" Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1992 17
Gustafson, Melanie Presentation at Berkshire Conference of Women Historians Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1991 22
Guthridge, Mary Moseley In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 63
Guthrie, Gigi Alumnae/i Publications Sarah Lawrence Fall 2008 52
Guthrie, Jane Rogers Secretary-Elect of Alumnae Board Alumnae/i Magazine Summer 1972 3
Guthrie, Jane Rogers On the Board of Directors of the Alumnae/i Association (group photo) From the Classes May 1975 27
Guthrie, Jane Rogers New Director of the Associates Program (photo) Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1977 5
Guthrie, Jane Rogers Quoted re annual fund Sarah Lawrence Bulletin September 1977 5
Guthrie, Jane Rogers In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Summer 2000 31
Guthrie, Philip A. In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2004 42
Guthrie, Philip A. Obituary Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2004 54
Guthrie, Tyron Article by, re the state of the theatre (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 32 # 2 Spring 1967 7-8, 9
Guttmacher, Alan Edward Lecture, "Family History: The Key that Opens the Genome Era" (photo) Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2006 7
Gwinn, Ethel (Betty) Bechtold (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine March 1939 28
Gymnasium Gymnasium - fundraiser Alumnae/i Magazine Reunion 1937 6
Gymnasium Gymnasium- donation to Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 2 # 2 Winter 1937 6
Gyure, Ruth Recommended reading Sarah Lawrence Summer 1999 19
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