Pre-Health Program

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Students interested in pursuing further studies in medicine or other health-related fields may take advantage of the pre-health program, which prepares students academically for medical school and assists in meeting the demands of admission to individual medical or graduate programs. Students supplement required courses in biology, chemistry, and physics with additional courses offered by the program as part of their preparation for the MCATs and postgraduate education.

Conference work provides students with additional opportunities to organize original research projects, pursue independent learning, and critically examine professional literature‚ÄĒskills fundamental to future success in medical and graduate schools. Students in the program have significant contact with the pre-health adviser, as well as with other faculty members in the program, through conferences, coursework, practice based clinical experiences and independent research. Faculty members with a thorough and personal knowledge of the individual student write the college letter of recommendation. The pre-health adviser, Office of Career Services and faculty members also serve as resources for information regarding application procedures, research and volunteer opportunities within the community, structuring of class work, MCAT preparation, and practice interviews.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Danny Trujillo, Dean of Studies and Student Life,, (914) 395-2252.  

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