Sarah Lawrence Magazine—Spring 2020

In classrooms and conferences, Sarah Lawrence students are encouraged to think for themselves—and to think critically about issues beyond and bigger than themselves. They also learn to take context into account when grappling with complex questions, analyze how we got where we are, and contemplate how best to move forward. As a result, SLC alumni make their way in the world with eyes and minds wide open—able to recognize and reckon with disparities encountered along the way. That’s so Sarah Lawrence.

About the Cover Collage 

Cover image: Mind the Gap issueThis issue's cover collage was created by Matthew Hancock using elements from Andrew Lichtenstein’s book Marked, Unmarked, Remembered. Images include (clockwise) a portrait of Lichtenstein by Linda Rosier; trees on the site of the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre of a Cheyenne and Arapaho village in Colorado; Dakota Sioux riders memorializing 38 warriors executed by the US government in 1862; fences surrounding Michigan’s abandoned Fisher Body Plant and men walking through Ford River Rouge Plant, sites of auto industry labor conflicts in the late 1930s; Aravaipa Valley in Arizona, where civilians slaughtered Apaches in 1871. Historical details (clockwise) include 02.19.42 = Roosevelt’s signing of Executive Order 9066, leading to internment of Japanese Americans; 29 = casualties of the 2010 Upper Big Branch Mine disaster in West Virginia; 38 = Dakota Sioux warriors hanged in 1862 in Mankato, Minnesota; 14 = Emmett Till’s age when he was murdered in 1955 in Mississippi; 146 = deaths in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City in 1911; DEC 29 = 1890 US Cavalry killing of Native Americans at Wounded Knee; 25 | 68 = United Farm Workers organizer César Chavez’ 25-day hunger strike in 1968; June 19th = Union general’s announcement in 1865 freeing slaves in Texas, two and a half years after the signing of The Emancipation Proclamation; Deer Island = America’s first concentration camp in Boston Harbor, where colonists exiled indigenous peoples in the bitter winter of 1675–76.

About Sarah Lawrence Magazine

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