Why I Give

Trustee Gregg M. Horowitz ’80

Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Pratt Institute

Maryanne Roughton ’21

Recipient of the Horowitz & Levy Endowed Scholarship

Photo of Gregg Horowitz and Maryanne Roughton

“Once I was able to link what I cared about, politically and institutionally, with a deeper reflection on how the College had worked for me, setting up this scholarship fund felt completely natural.” —Trustee Gregg M. Horowitz ’80

THEN (Gregg) Entered Sarah Lawrence as a first-generation college student and credits his professors with providing invaluable advice and personal guidance.
NOW (Maryanne) Successfully met the first-year challenge of shifting from a highly structured public high school to SLC’s self-directed pedagogy.

THEN (Gregg) Concentrated on film his first year and found that, as a “slow studier,” delving into three courses per semester was ideal.
NOW (Maryanne) As a theatre third her first year, she found the program’s strong sense of community—along with diving deeply into topics she was passionate about—helped her adjust academically.

THEN (Gregg) Took a pivotal philosophy course with Robert Zimmerman his junior year, which led to several more in his senior year, including classes on aesthetics and the history of modern philosophy.
NOW (Maryanne) Took an influential economics course with Kim Christensen, which solidified Roughton’s plan to pursue a master’s degree in public policy and eventually lobby for legislation that will better society.

THEN (Gregg) Spent four nights a week in the library studying, reading, writing, and talking with friends. “We would be comparing thoughts and ideas and joking with one another.”
NOW (Maryanne) Supports fellow students as a resident adviser and loves discussing conference projects and course studies with classmates and friends.

THEN (Gregg) Went to New York City on weekends, often seeing three or four movies in one day and sampling a range of genres, including European art house cinema and film noir.
NOW (Maryanne) Enjoys going to Manhattan to see Broadway musicals, such as Beetlejuice and Come from Away.

THEN (Gregg) Lasting SLC Influence: A drive to learn about the wider world. “Every class I took, however esoteric the subject matter, opened my mind to problems in the world. The more I learned, the bigger the world became.”
NOW (Maryanne) Lasting SLC Influence: The community. “People here lift each other up. It’s amazing to be in this kind of environment.”