Catalog Bucket List

College years seem to fly by, especially at Sarah Lawrence. Remember leafing through the catalog, poring over so many intriguing courses, wishing you didn’t have to narrow down, let alone choose? No doubt, some of the classes that were on your wish list just couldn’t be squeezed in before graduation day arrived. So, while celebrating the holidays, we asked alumni: If you could enroll at SLC all over again, what would you study?

I would take another philosophy class with Philip Swoboda or a history class with Jefferson Adams! Or a medieval poetry class with Joe Lauinger.

Charlotte Machado ’13


Alexandra MacMartin ’08

I’d register for story boarding, character design, and 20 other filmmaking courses. Scott Duce is amazing!

Hannah Rodums ’19

Shakespeare with James Zito (literature).

Jane Freeman ’71

Performing Identity: Dance as a Means of Self Discovery.

Lexy Rivera MFA ’15

Economics and Lyde Sizer’s history classes.

Emily Davis ’95

Computer science, machine learning, ethics of algorithms, front end development.

Matthew Elmquist ’12

Any writing class. I could have taken a class with Grace Paley or Ilja Wachs, but I was too focused on what I thought I wanted—which I didn’t get. And what am I now? A writer.

Barbara Holtzman ’82

Art history with Joe Forte.

Marie Reynolds MFA ’02

Anything with Kevin Confoy (theatre).

Michael Sapienza ’03

I would love to take another June Ekman Alexander Technique course. I would also love to take more education courses and more in the day care education space.

Alex Delare ’10


Claire Rodman ’86


Ronald Jarrett ’96

Hands down, Joe Lauinger’s Shakespeare lit class.

Meghan Farrell ’06


Zoe Frederick ’12

MFA writing.

Jeffrey Engel ’84

Ilja Wachs.

Amanda Lau ’17

Stage combat.

Corrin Eckert-Chu ’91

Marie Howe’s writing classes.

Robin Richardson MFA ’12

‘Comparative Literary Studies and Its Others’ with Bella Brodski.

B Dean Skibinski ’96

Anything with David Hollander (writing).

Sarah Al Tamimi MFA ’15

Ilja Wach’s literature courses.

Katrina Miller ’11

Any human genetics course!

Maureen Pilkington MFA ’97

Creative writing and ethics courses.

Louise Becker MFA ’10

Bill Schullenberger’s epic lit class, but with a focus on Ulysses

Jennifer Kirsch ’03, MA ’04

Anything with Nelly Reifler (writing).

Nicole Haroutunian MFA ’08

Interviewed by Sarah Almeida ’21; photos by Dana Maxson