Teaching Chairs

The Margot C. Bogert Distinguished Service Chair

Established in 2004 by the trustees of the College, this chair is awarded for a term of three years to a senior member of the Sarah Lawrence faculty who has excelled in his or her commitment to the College. It honors the leadership and generosity of Margot Bogert ’75, who has served the College as an alumna, as vice president of college resources, as a trustee, and as chairman of the Board of Trustees for seven years, 1997-2004. The recipient will represent the best of Sarah Lawrence: excellence in teaching, a concern for the full development of students, and lively engagement with and service to the Sarah Lawrence community. Current chairholder: Lyde Cullen Sizer (history; the Women’s History Program)

The Adda Bozeman Chair in International Relations

Endowed in 1999 by friends and students of Adda Bozeman, faculty member from 1947 to 1977. She brought to international studies a deep knowledge of the history, law, and culture of the nation-states that shaped the 20th century. Current chairholder: Kevin Landdeck (Asian studies, history)

The Mary Griggs Burke Chair in Art and Art History

This endowed chair was created in 2007 by alumna and patron of the arts Mary Griggs Burke ’38 to honor art historians as well as practicing artists who teach at Sarah Lawrence College. Current chairholder: David Castriota (art history)

The Joseph Campbell Chair in the Humanities

This endowed chair was established in 1986 by grateful students of Joseph Campbell, leading mythologist and former member of the literature faculty. Appointments to the chair are made on a rotating basis in any of several disciplines: philosophy, religion, psychology, creative arts, anthropology, history, or literature. It is the intention that the chair be held by scholars whose areas of specialization would broaden, enrich, and make more diverse our curriculum: the peoples and cultures of Africa, Asia, Native America, Latin America, and the Middle East. Current chairholder: Shahnaz Rouse (sociology) 

The Harlequin Adair Dammann Chair in Islamic Studies

An endowed chair established in memory of Harlequin Adair Dammann ’72 by her mother, Harle G. Montgomery, to enhance the College’s global studies approach to teaching. This chair will address Islam through a variety of disciplines, including literature, philosophy, and the Islamic law. Current chairholder: Jerrilynn Dodds (art history)

The Endowed Chair in Environmental Architecture and Sustainable Design

Endowed in 2013 by a gift from Trustee Nancie H. Cooper MFA ’04 and Stephen F. Cooper, with a matching grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this chair recognizes the increasingly indispensable role of environmental and sustainable methods for the built environment in a rapidly changing world. Located in the visual arts department and part of the College’s expanding environmental studies curriculum, the chair will be open to distinguished practitioners as well as educators and theoreticians. Courses offered will cover topics including landscape, architectural, infrastructural, urban, and “green” design. Current chairholder: Miku Dixit (visual and studio arts)

The Sara Yates Exley Chair in Teaching Excellence

Established in 1995 by Sara Yates Exley ’52. The goal of this endowed rotating chair is to recognize and affirm distinguished teaching.

The Merle Rosenblatt Goldman Chair in Asian Studies

This endowed chair was established in 2010 by Marshall Goldman and Merle Rosenblatt Goldman ’53. The chair is a tenure-track position in modern Chinese history. Current chairholder: Ellen Neskar (Asian studies)

The John A. Hill Endowed Chair in Economic Analysis

Established by John A. Hill and Marilynn Wood Hill as a tenured/tenure track faculty position, the chair is awarded at the discretion of the Provost and Dean of Faculty. It enables the College to recruit and/or retain outstanding scholars with expertise in quantitative methods and familiarity with both mainstream and heterodox economic theory. Current chairholder: An Li (economics)

Ellen Kingsley Hirschfeld Chair in Writing

This rotating chair was endowed by Trustee Nancie H. Cooper MFA ’04 and her husband Stephen Cooper to honor the memory of Nancie’s friend and award-winning journalist Ellen Kingsley Hirschfeld ’73. It will allow Sarah Lawrence to recruit and retain outstanding scholars and teachers in the field of creative writing.

The Alice Stone Ilchman Chair in Comparative and International Studies

This endowed chair was created with gifts from trustees, colleagues, and friends of Alice Ilchman in celebration of her inspired leadership as president of Sarah Lawrence College from 1981 to 1998. It will be awarded to a faculty member who uses comparative methods to understand the human condition in its global contexts. Current chairholder: Margarita Fajardo (history)

The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation Chair in Middle Eastern Studies and International Affairs

Established by the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation to increase academic offerings in international studies and extend the College’s reach into the local community. Current chairholder: Matthew Ellis (history)

The Roy E. Larsen Chair in Psychology

This endowed chair was established in 1969 in honor of Roy E. Larsen (1899-1979), publisher, advocate, and activist in the field of education, to recognize outstanding teaching in the field of child development. Current chairholder: Kim Ferguson (psychology, Art of Teaching Graduate Program)

The Michele Tolela Myers Chair in Writing

Created in 2007, this endowed chair honors Michele Tolela Myers, president of Sarah Lawrence College from 1998 to 2007, to support and encourage writers who teach at Sarah Lawrence College.

The Noble Foundation Chair in Art and Cultural History

Established in 1984, this endowed rotating chair supports teaching in such fields as art history, aesthetics, cultural history, and the history of ideas, with a special focus on modern and contemporary art. Current chairholder: Joel Sternfeld (visual & studio arts)

The OSilas Endowed Professorship in Environmental Studies

Established in 2018 by Olivia "Vicki" Churchill Ford ’60, MSEd ’87 and her husband Silas M. Ford III, this professorship may be broadly situated in terms of its focus, but is intended to enhance the scientific underpinnings of work in environmental studies at the College. Current chairholder: Bernice Rosenzweig (environmental science)

The Esther Raushenbush Chair in Humanities

This endowed rotating chair was established in 1969 in honor of Esther Raushenbush (1898-1981), distinguished teacher, dean, and president of Sarah Lawrence College, to support and encourage outstanding teaching in the humanities. Current chairholder: Joseph Forte (art history) 

The Frieda Wildy Riggs Chair in Religious Studies

Established in 1997 by the family of Frieda Wildy Riggs to support the teaching and study of all varieties of religion and its significance for culture, private and public. Current chairholder: Kristin Zahra Sands (religion)

The Marilyn Simpson Chair for Science and Society

Established in 1998 by the Marilyn M. Simpson Charitable Trust to join the study of science with social science and the humanities.

The Anita Stafford Chair in Service Learning

Established to support a faculty member committed to teaching in the Community Partnerships and Service Learning Program. Current chairholder: Peggy Gould (dance, MFA Dance Program)

The Ilja Wachs Chair in Outstanding Teaching and Donning

Established in 1998 by the donnees, students, and friends of Ilja Wachs. The chair will be awarded on a five-year basis to an outstanding teacher and don—in any discipline in the College—whose generosity of time and talent can draw forth from a wide variety of students a high performance and a lifelong love of learning. He or she should be an intellectual who is passionate about ideas and believes in his or her power to change people’s lives. Current chairholder: Ilja Wachs (literature)

The Joanne Woodward Chair in Public Policy

This endowed chair was established in 1991 in honor of Joanne Woodward, alumna and member of the Board of Trustees from 1986 to 1993. The goal of the chair is to help integrate liberal arts courses with public policy issues, such as promoting peace, protecting the environment, providing education and health services, and safeguarding human rights. Appointments to the chair are made on a rotating basis, drawing from the disciplines of economics, history, political science, and sociology. Current chairholder: Luisa Heredia (public policy)