Philip Swoboda

The Sara Yates Exley Chair in Teaching Excellence

BA, Wesleyan University. MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University. Special interest in the religious and intellectual history of early modern Europe and in the history of Eastern Europe, particularly Russia and Poland. Author of articles on early 20th-century Russian philosophy and religious thought; served on the executive committee of the Mid-Atlantic Slavic Conference. Previously taught at Columbia University, Hunter College, Lafayette College, University of Wisconsin-Madison. SLC, 2004–

Undergraduate discipline: History

Courses taught in History

Courses from previous years

  • Between Baroque and Romanticism: The European Enlightenment
  • Winds of Doctrine: Europe in the Age of the Reformation
  • Becoming Modern: Europe from 1760 to 1914
  • In Tolstoy’s Time
  • The Disreputable 16th Century
  • Christianity and Classical Culture: An Enduring Theme in European Thought
  • First-Year Studies: The Age of the French Revolution

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Philip Swoboda

Philip Swoboda