Kevin Landdeck

Merle Rosenblatt Goldman Chair in Asian Studies

BA, Valparaiso University. MA, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. PhD, University of California-Berkeley. Recipient of a Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation dissertation grant for archival research in Chongqing, China. Research concerns 20th-century China, specifically Kuomintang war mobilization and interior society during the Sino-Japanese War (1937-45). Dissertation, “Under the Gun: Nationalist Military Service and Society in Wartime Sichuan, 1938-1945,” presently being revised for future publication, examines the state-making projects embedded within conscription and voluntary enlistment in Chiang Kai-shek’s army. Translating the confessions and jottings of a captured KMT spy, who spent 16 years undergoing self-reform in a communist prison, is a side project currently in progress. Key areas of interest include China’s transition from a dynastic empire to a nation-state; the role of war in state-making; modes of political mobilization and their intersection with social organization; and private life and selfhood, including national, regional, or local and personal identities. Broadly teaches on modern (17th century to present) East Asian history, with a focus on politics, society, and urban culture. In addition to a course on war in 20th-century Asia, a personal involvement in photography has inspired a course on photographic images and practice in China and Japan from the 19th century through the present. Member of the American Historical Association, Association of Asian Studies, and Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China. SLC, 2011–

Undergraduate discipline: Asian Studies

Courses taught in Asian Studies

Courses from previous years

  • Gender and History in China: Beyond Eunuchs and Concubines
  • Post-Revolutionary Chinese Fiction: The Novel as History in a Neo-Liberal Age
  • Chinese History II: From the Ming Dynasty to Yesterday
  • Crucible of History: China in World War II, 1937-45
  • Personal Narratives: Identity and History in Modern China
  • Cataclysm and Catharsis: 20th-Century Chinese Fiction
  • First-Year Studies: Reform and Revolution: China’s 20th Century
  • Holding Up Half the Sky: Chinese Women in History

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