Brian Morton

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MFA Writing Program

BA, Sarah Lawrence College. Author of the novels The Dylanist, Starting Out in the Evening, A Window Across the River, Breakable You, and Florence Gordon (forthcoming). Recipient of the Guggenheim Award, the Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the Koret Jewish Book Award for Fiction; finalist for the PEN/Faulkner Award. A Window Across the River was a Today Show book club choice, and Starting Out in the Evening was made into a motion picture that premiered at the Sundance Festival in 2007. SLC, 1998–

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The literary colloquium features events by SLC faculty members, visiting writers, editors, publishers, and literary agents, and is designed to bring MFA students in contact with a wide array of ideas from the world of writing.

Examples of regular events in the colloquium are: a residency in each genre (which includes a reading and a craft talk by a visiting author); conversations with writing faculty members and visiting writers; panels and discussions focused on publishing, teaching, editing, or other career-related topics.

By participating in forums related to both craft and professional development, students benefit from exposure to many voices, genres and experiences.


Workshop in the Novel

This class is for students who are writing novels. I’ll read your work and talk about it with you in conference; in class, we’ll talk about novels by dead people. We’ll read a few books that are firmly lodged in the canon (Ulysses, The Magic Mountain), a few that keep being rediscovered and then forgotten again (The Man Who Loved Children, The Locusts Have No King, Stoner, Mrs. Bridge, If He Hollers Let Him Go, Nightwood), and, if we have time, a couple of books of students’ choosing. I should mention that I haven't read all of these books, so the class will be filled with discoveries for all of us...I hope.