Endowed & Sponsored Program Support Funds

The Henry G. Altman Lecture Fund for Human Genetics
Established in 2001 by Dorothy M. Altman in memory of her husband, Henry G. Altman, MD ’50, this fund is to be used to underwrite in part the lecture component of the annual Seminar in Medical Genetics, conducted for second-year candidates in the Human Genetics Program.

Suzanne Salter Arkin Science Endowment Fund
An endowed fund established by alumna Suzanne Salter Arkin in 2016, dedicated to attracting outstanding science students who want to pursue serious individual study of science while engaging with the arts, humanities, language, literature, and the social sciences in a liberal arts institution.

The Linda Ashear Fund for Visiting Poets
Endowed in 2001 by Linda Ashear ’88 CCE, this fund will be used to enrich the Sarah Lawrence College writing program by supporting visits to campus by master poets. These artists-in-residence will conduct master classes, offer public readings, and otherwise support the teaching of poetry on campus. This fund supports the visits of two poets each academic year.

Spencer Barnett Memorial Fund
Established by the family and friends of Spencer Barnett ’09, this expendable fund will be used to support film festivals, to purchase and catalog resource materials for the filmmaking, screenwriting, and media arts program, and to purchase art books for the library.

The Elaine Oakley Behr Visiting Writers Fund
Income from this endowed fund, established by her family in memory of Elaine Oakley Behr ’40, is used to enrich the Sarah Lawrence College writing program. It supports visits to campus by master writers who conduct classes, meet with students, offer public readings, and otherwise support the College in teaching imaginative writing.

The Adda Bozeman Lecture Fund
This fund was endowed by friends and students of Adda Bozeman, faculty member from 1947 to 1977. Accompanying the Adda Bozeman Chair in International Relations, this fund supports an annual lecture by a renowned international relations expert.

The Adda Bozeman Library Fund
This endowed fund will consistently build the international and strategic relations collection for all students and will enable the College to purchase on-line databases. It will also enable the College to acquire electronic back files of journals and purchase reference works in this field.

The Abigail Angell Canfield Fund for the Child Development Institute
An endowed fund established by Abigail Angell Canfield ’66, which supports faculty development, faculty research, program support, and/or new initiatives at the Child Development Institute.

The Frances Ann Cannon Workshop Theatre Fund
This endowed fund was established by former trustee Frances Ann Cannon Dougherty ’40 and her family and friends to support the Workshop Theatre and its programs.

The Barbara B. and Bertram J. Cohn Endowed Fund for Summer Science
This fund was established in 2014 by Honorary Trustee Barbara B. Cohn MA ’70 and her husband Bertram J. Cohn to support Sarah Lawrence’s annual summer science undergraduate research program, typically held during a 10-week period from June through August.

The Annette McGuire Cravens ’45 Permanent Endowed Internship in Visual Culture
A permanently endowed fund established by Annette McGuire Cravens ’45 to provide students with internships in visual arts and visual culture. Candidates will be selected competitively and on the basis of project merit with a preference given to qualified students with financial need.

The Charles DeCarlo Music Fund
An endowed fund established by family and friends of Sarah Lawrence College President Emeritus Charles DeCarlo in recognition of his unique contributions to the College and his strong affinity for the music department.

The Palmer Gross Ducommun Fund for Art
Established in 1987 by Charles E. Ducommun as a memorial to his wife, this fund is to be used for the enrichment of the College’s program of art. Palmer Ducommun ’44 served as a trustee of the College from 1968 to 1976.

ECP Family International Dance Fund
This endowed fund, established in 2013 in honor of Edith Cowles Poor, underwrites costs associated with visiting dance artists to the College to teach master classes in both traditional and modern dance forms. Visiting artists must come from non-western traditions in their dance art and practice.

The Eleanor Weisman Edelman Endowment in support of the Eleanor Weisman Edelman Reading Room and College Archives
In honor of his late mother, Eleanor Weisman Edelman, and his sisters, Gwen A. Edelman ’72 and Jennifer B. Edelman ’76, Thomas J. Edelman made a gift in 2017 to name the Eleanor Weisman Edelman Reading Room and College Archives, and also established the Eleanor Weisman Edelman Endowment Fund. Eleanor Weisman Edelman was a lifelong Bronxville neighbor, loyal Sarah Lawrence supporter, and a founder of Friends of the Library.

Faculty Teaching Fund in European Culture
An endowed fund, established in 1995 by Michel David-Weill to support and encourage teaching and research in European culture.

Viola Farber Artists in Residency Program in Dance
This expendable fund was established by Robert Rauschenberg in celebration of the memory of Viola Farber and in recognition of her visionary leadership of the Sarah Lawrence College dance department. This fund is to provide the necessary resources to bring performers, dancers, choreographers, and other practitioners of the art of dance to the College in order to teach, create, perform, mentor students, and inspire new work in a supportive setting.

The Ellen Schloss Flamm and Family Endowed Fund for Faculty Research and Development
This fund supports the research and creative expression of Sarah Lawrence College faculty by offering support for curriculum and course development, research projects, professional enrichment activities, summer and inter-term support for scholarship, research, and creative work, and projects involving student and faculty collaboration.

Film and New Media Endowment Fund
This endowed fund was established by an anonymous alumna to support the development of an enriched and expanded program in film and video. Income from this fund is to be used at the discretion of the president and the dean of the college.

Olivia and Silas Ford Environmental Center Fund
A fund to support the College’s pursuit of its interest in the Sarah Lawrence College Center for the Urban River in Yonkers, New York; and to support the development of the College’s academic programs in the environmental sciences.

Margery B. Franklin Fund for Child Development
An endowed fund established in 2006 in recognition of Dr. Margery B. Franklin’s leadership and dedication. The fund is to be used to enhance the Child Development Institute’s work in current issues in child development and education and to support research, forums, guest lecture(s), outreach programs, and/or promote community service.

Genetics Outreach Fund
Established in 2005, this endowed fund supports the graduate Human Genetics Program.

The Gurfein Writing Fellowship at Sarah Lawrence
An expendable fund established by the Gurfein-Merine Foundation to encourage and enable promising students in the Sarah Lawrence College Writing Institute to prepare their work for possible outside publication. The fund supports two fellowships annually.

The Health Advocacy Fund
Naomi Bernhard Levinson ’56 provided seed money to create and endow the Health Advocacy Fund, which will support the Health Advocacy Program and its financial needs for expert guest lecturers, student professional development and capstone projects, and communications to build awareness of the program to the health advocacy, alumni, and broader communities.

The Hewlett-Mellon Fund for Institutional Renewal
This fund was established in 1987 in response to a joint challenge grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Income from the endowment supports a presidential discretionary fund for curricular innovation, faculty development, and special initiatives. In 1994, the fund was expanded after completion of a second challenge grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Ellen Kingsley Hirschfeld Memorial Fund
An endowed fund established in memory of Ellen Kingsley Hirschfeld ’73. The fund will support students interested in creating their own films.

Margaret Hopping Music Fund
An endowed fund established in 2008 through a bequest from Bronxville resident Margaret Hopping. This fund provides annual support for concerts, programs, and other public events sponsored by the Sarah Lawrence College music department.

The Horncrest Initiative for Social Change
This endowed fund was established in 2000 by an anonymous alumna and her husband in recognition of the importance of social change to the Sarah Lawrence community and the world at large. The fund provides program support for the Community Partnerships and Service Learning Program.

Alice Ilchman Beautification Fund
An endowed fund established in 2006 with a bequest from President Emerita Alice Stone Ilchman. The fund provides for the upkeep of the gardens in front of Westlands and other campus beautification efforts.

The Barbara Raubvogel Jonas Health Education Fund
The purpose of this fund is to address serious emotional and physical health issues that put our students—especially our younger and new students—at risk and impair their ability to fully participate in the unique educational experience that Sarah Lawrence College offers. The fund has supported and enriched existing programs and augmented and strengthened new initiatives since 2005-06.

Jane Judge Scholarship Fund
An endowed fund established by students of Jane Judge, former director of the Early Childhood Center and member of the psychology faculty from 1938 to 1971. Income from this fund is used to help pay the tuition of children from less affluent families at the Sarah Lawrence Early Childhood Center.

The Barbara Kaplan Junior Faculty Leave Fund
An endowed fund established by colleagues, friends, and trustees of the College that provides junior faculty, after their first reappointment, with support to finish a book or a series of articles to prepare them for tenure.

The Marilyn Ogus Katz Initiative for Students Fund
Established by trustees, alumni, parents, and friends to honor Marilyn Ogus Katz ’54, dean of studies and student life from 1982 to 1998. Administered by the Office of the Dean of Studies and Student Life, the fund provides small grants to individual students with limited means to enable these students to take full advantage of educational and cultural opportunities on campus and in New York City.

The Erica Kennedy Young Writers at Oxford Fund
Established by classmates and friends in memory of Erica Kennedy Young ’92, to assist a student with high financial need who is attending the Sarah Lawrence College at Oxford program. The fund will help the student with associated costs of attending an abroad program that are not included in tuition and room and board fees, such as travel, living expenses, and other enhancement opportunities.

The Barbara Bray Ketchum Artist-in-Residence Fund
An endowed fund established by the Ketchum family in celebration of Barbara Ketchum’s 65th reunion. The fund will facilitate direct teaching and learning experiences between visiting artists-in-residence and Sarah Lawrence College dance students.

The Ruddick C. Lawrence Presidents Fund for Writing
This endowed fund was established in 1999 by Ruddick C. Lawrence, chairman of the Board of Trustees, 1964-1969, in celebration of his enduring connection with the College. Income from this fund will be used at the discretion of the president to ensure in perpetuity the strength and quality of the Sarah Lawrence writing program.

The Sarah Lawrence College Student Engagement Fund
Established by parents of current and former students, this expendable fund supports large-scale, semiannual events that involve the entire College community, including concerts, lectures, and symposia.

The Diana Chambers Leslie Fund for Student Leadership
This endowed fund supports students or student groups who wish to create activities fostering a shared sense of the greater Sarah Lawrence community. Administered through the Office of the Dean of Studies and Student Life, this fund underwrites student-led initiatives in community-building, campus-wide events, or other co-curricular opportunities. This fund was permanently endowed in 2000 to honor longtime Sarah Lawrence Trustee Diana Chambers Leslie ’69.

The Stanley and Evelyn Lipkin Science and Mathematics Faculty Development Fund
An endowed fund established in 2000 by Stanley and Evelyn Lipkin, parents of W. Ian Lipkin ’74 and Laurel Lipkin ’79, in support of the development and strengthening of the science and mathematics program at Sarah Lawrence. Income from this fund will be used to support the professional development of members of the science and mathematics faculty.

The Cynthia Longfellow Fund for Child Development Lectures
An endowment fund established in 1987 by family and friends of Cynthia Longfellow ’72 to honor the memory of her dedication and professional work as a teacher and researcher in child development.

Helen Merrell Lynd Colloquium Fund
An endowed fund established in 2000 by Gladys Chang Hardy ’50 in celebration of her 50th reunion and in appreciation for the academic excellence and intellectual boldness exemplified by Helen Merrell Lynd. Income from the fund will be used to support a biennial colloquium honoring the memory of Helen Merrell Lynd and will emphasize those academic and social values that were of interest to Helen Merrell Lynd, an esteemed member of the faculty from the opening of the College in 1928 until 1964.

The Laura Kirchman Manuelidis '63 Science and Literary Arts Endowment Fund
Established in 2018 by Laura Kirchman Manuelidis, this fund supports experiences for undergraduate students at the intersection of the literary arts, especially poetry, and the sciences. These experiences can take many forms including visiting speakers, events, performances, class events, or student work.

The Blancke Noyes Teaching Fund in the Humanities
An endowed fund to strengthen and support teaching in the humanities, established by family and friends in memory of Blancke Noyes. Mr. Noyes served as a trustee of the College from 1972 until his death in 1978.

The F.W. Olin Fund for Science
This endowment for the renewal and enrichment of the science and mathematics program was established in 1991 with a grant from the F.W. Olin Foundation.

Margaret Putnam Parker Endowed Fund for Sustainable Building and Operations Initiatives
This endowed fund will support College spending on eco-friendly building improvements that conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gases, and minimize campus-wide wastefulness.

Edith Cowles Poor President’s Discretionary Fund
An endowed fund established in 2001 to enable the College’s presidents to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

President’s New Venture Fund
This endowed fund was established in 1997 by Margot Bogert ’75. Income from the endowment may be used at the discretion of the president to support academic and administrative initiatives that have the potential to advance the College and its educational mission.

The Clayton Riley Theatre Ticket Fund
Established in 2009 by family and friends in memory of Clayton Riley, this endowed fund provides for the purchase of blocks of tickets for theatre classes and also helps students with financial need attend additional performances required by their classes.

The Berelle Katz Samuel Theatre Fund
This endowed fund, established by a bequest from Berelle Katz Samuel, to be used to support and enhance the theatre program at Sarah Lawrence College.

The Donald C. Samuel Fund for Economics and Politics
Established in 1981 by family, friends, and associates in memory of Mr. Samuel, a former trustee of the College, this fund brings speakers to the campus to engage the larger College community in study and discussion of innovative approaches to urgent contemporary political, economic, and social problems.

Fund for the Improvement of Senior Faculty Salaries
Bolstered by a 2004 grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, income from this endowed fund is used to maintain faculty compensation rates that help attract and retain a strong and talented teaching faculty.

Community Partnerships and Service Learning Fund
These expendable funds are provided by Amy Cohen ’51 to underwrite the Community Partnerships and Service Learning program and to celebrate the College’s long-term commitment to learning, both in and outside the classroom.

The Ruth Leff Siegel and Jerome Siegel Endowed Fund for Student Life
An endowed fund established in 2012 in memory of Honorary Trustee Ruth Leff Siegel by her husband, Jerome Siegel. Income from the gift shall be used to help cultivate a vibrant and engaged student community by providing funding that brings students together for large-scale events such as dances, musical performances, or campus-wide festivals and lectures by well-known speakers.

The Gittel Silverberg Fund for Genetic Counselor Professional Development
Established in 2011 by Dr. Mervin Silverberg in memory of his wife of 39 years, Gittel Silverberg ’74, respected genetics counselor, educator, active community member, and member of the first class of the Sarah Lawrence College Human Genetics Program. The endowed fund underwrites the annual Gittel Silverberg Lecture, and supports professional development opportunities for graduates of The Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics and genetic counselors from across the country.

The Marilyn M. Simpson Fund for Junior Faculty Development
This fund provides support for research and scholarly work of junior faculty members. The fund was established by the Marilyn M. Simpson Charitable Trust.

The Anita L. Stafford Fund for Learning Through Volunteer Service
An endowed fund established by alumna and former Trustee Anita L. Stafford. This fund celebrates the achievements of the Community Partnerships and Service Learning program at Sarah Lawrence College and assures support in perpetuity for students’ learning through community involvement and volunteer service opportunities.

Carol Graham Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund
An endowed fund established in honor of Carol Graham Stewart by her daughters Alison Stewart and Lisa Stewart Crisp. The fund will award scholarships to students with demonstrated financial need who are studying the sciences, with priority given to African American students.

The Joan Milliken Stroud Fund
This endowed fund was established by family and friends in 1988 in memory of Mrs. Stroud. It is to be used at the discretion of the president to assist faculty and students in emergency situations and to help them pursue unanticipated opportunities and new initiatives. Joan Milliken Stroud ’44 served as a trustee of the College from 1970 until her death in 1985.

Stutzman Family Foundation Poetry Festival Fund
This expendable fund was established to support the annual Sarah Lawrence College Poetry Festival. Current support extends through 2018.

The Edith Ingalls Vignos ’45 Faculty on the Road Program
This endowed fund supports the Faculty on the Road Program, designed to offer alumni an intellectual connection to their alma mater. The program seeks to recreate the Sarah Lawrence College seminar experience by bringing alumni around the country together with faculty to examine, explore, and discuss intellectual issues.

The Kate Welling Memorial Scholarship Fund
An endowed fund established by family and friends of Kate Welling to provide scholarships for children from less advantaged backgrounds to attend the Sarah Lawrence College Early Childhood Center.

The Sarah and Laurence Whittemore Fund for Unrestricted Endowment
An endowed fund established through a bequest from Laurence Whittemore in 2008.

Suzanne Werner Wright Theatre Fund
This endowed fund was established in recognition of the close ties Suzanne Werner Wright has enjoyed with Sarah Lawrence College as student, alumna, and trustee. It funded the renovation of a theatre facility worthy of the College’s commitment and of the faculty and students’ talents.

The Thomas H. Wright Lecture Fund
Established by the Leon Lowenstein Foundation and individual contributors, the endowed fund honors Thomas H. Wright, trustee of the College, 1979-1987 and 1988-1996, and chair of the Board, 1991-1995. The fund supports an annual lecture in child development.

The Faith Whitney Ziesing Fund in the Social Sciences
This endowed fund is designed to support teaching in the disciplines of anthropology, economics, politics, and sociology. It was established in 1988 by family and friends in memory of Faith Whitney Ziesing ’32, a former trustee, who taught aspects of economics at the College.