Finding a Position

On-campus positions range from those that require no prior experience to those that require significant skill and responsibility. Some Student Employee Supervisors will request a copy of a recent resume and/or require an interview, while others will simply review applications. Students are encouraged to actively investigate job opportunities.

On-campus jobs are available to all students including those who are awarded work-study and those who are not. There is, however, a four-week "reserved period" in the beginning of the fall semester set aside exclusively for work-study students to apply for on-campus jobs. During these weeks, we ask that employers hire only those students who have been awarded work-study. We encourage all work-study students to conduct an aggressive job search at this time. After the four-week "reserved period," campus jobs become equally available to all students. Unfortunately, the college is unable to guarantee on-campus employment to any student.

In addition to on-campus jobs, the Office of Student Employment receives information regarding off-campus opportunities. All off-campus jobs are posted in the Classifieds section of MySLC. Students are responsible for contacting off-campus employers directly. The posted listings are purely for the convenience of students. Sarah Lawrence College makes no recommendation or endorsement with respect to any of the off-campus jobs. Sarah Lawrence College is not responsible for any problems, complaints, or inconveniences that occur as a result of this service or the acceptance of any of the jobs listed.

Job Listings

A list of departments and employment opportunities is available in the Office of Student Employment throughout the year. On-campus jobs are also listed on MySLC. Only apply to those positions that are currently hiring, as indicated in green.