Physical Health

Our staff is specially trained to understand and treat problems that relate to college-age students and their lifestyles. The Health and Wellness Center is staffed primarily by Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) and Nurses while the College is in session. A local physician who is affiliated with Lawrence Hospital provides consultation to the Nurses and Nurse Practitioners.

The Health and Wellness Center Nurse Practitioners can:

  • Diagnose and treat short-term physical illnesses and minor injuries
  • Prescribe common medications for acute illness
  • Give vaccinations or regular allergy injections and perform routine lab work
  • Test and treat sexually transmitted diseases
  • Perform annual gynecological exams and PAP tests and address routine gynecological problems and concerns
  • Provide birth control and sexual protection to both men and women, including emergency contraception (morning-after pill) for women, depot (DMPA) contraceptive injections and prescriptions for oral contraceptives