Tuition, Costs, and Meal Plans

Program Costs 2015-2016
Fee for instruction (30 credits) $49,680
General College Fee $880
Student Activities Fee $224
Health Services Fee $250
Room $9,506
Meal Plan Varies
See meal plans in this section

Student Accident/Sickness Insurance
(Required unless student can provide evidence of alternative coverage)

Students on Partial Programs 2015-2016
Fee for instruction, per credit $1,656
General College Fee, per semester $220
Student Activities Fee, per semester $56

Matriculated students may not enroll in less-than-full-time programs unless there are special circumstances that have been approved by the Dean of Studies Office. In such cases, students will be charged according to the number of credits registered. Students from the Center for Continuing Education may register for less than a full-time load without prior approval of the Dean of Studies Office and are charged on a per-credit basis.

Maintenance of Matriculation Fee

Students on leave from the College, or on an off-campus year, who wish to maintain their matriculation status, are charged a fee. For students on a voluntary leave who are not studying in other programs, the fee is $300 for any part of the academic year they are on leave. Students studying in non-Sarah Lawrence programs will be charged a $2,000 matriculation fee each semester when attending programs in cities where Sarah Lawrence runs its own program or has an exchange program. Students attending programs in cities where Sarah Lawrence does not offer a study abroad or exchange program will be charged a $750 matriculation fee each semester. Visit the International and Exchange Programs site for information on Sarah Lawrence programs.

One-time TAP Waiver Request

Students who failed to make satisfactory academic progress or pursue the program of study, or both in the same term, may request a one-time waiver of satisfactory academic progress.
Waiver requests will be considered for students who can document an extenuating circumstance or an isolated incident that prevented the student from meeting the good academic requirements for that TAP payment. Not all students who fail to satisfy the good academic standing requirements are necessarily candidates for a waiver. For example, “difficulty adjusting to college life” is not a reasonable basis for a waiver, since that circumstance might apply to many students. Situations that caused a student to lose good academic standing should be beyond the student’s control, not chronic circumstances that cannot be remedied. With the additional term that results from approval of the waiver, a student should be able to regain good standing.
Download the One-Time TAP Waiver Request Form»

Terms and Conditions

Your financial aid offer is considered conditional until Sarah Lawrence College has completed the Verification process. These awards are based on the 2015-2016 Profile application and actual tax return information we have received from you. The College reserves the right to revise these awards as necessary, for example should you receive any external funds not included in the award or changes in your financial circumstances during the year. To retain this offer, you must make satisfactory academic progress throughout the year. Your award assumes you will be attending Sarah Lawrence on a full-time basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I afford to attend Sarah Lawrence College?
    Yes. Approximately 65 percent of students at Sarah Lawrence receive some form of financial aid. The amount of aid received is determined by a student’s demonstrated need.
  • How do I apply for financial aid?
    Sarah Lawrence requires every student seeking financial aid to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS Profile). When applying for the FAFSA, please refer to the FSA ID Info Sheet to set-up a secure username and password. In addition to these two forms, we require signed, completed copies of both your and your parent’s federal income tax returns for the year previous to that during which you are applying for admission. If your parents are separated or divorced, we also require that your non-custodial parent file and return the CSS Profile Non-Custodial Parent Statement (NCPS), which will be available to you directly from CSS upon receipt and processing of your application. The form may be accessed at Please see Financial Aid Deadlines for the schedule of materials required.

    All male students aged 18–26 (if required to do so) must register for Selective Service before any form of financial aid may be awarded. You can now register online for Selective Service.
  • How is financial need determined?
    In determining a student’s demonstrated need, Sarah Lawrence subscribes to the practice and procedures of federal and institutional methodology as published by the U.S. Department of Education and the College Scholarship Service. The formulas consider necessary family expenditures, including taxes, living costs, outstanding medical expenses and costs for siblings’ college tuition.
    Students are expected to contribute 50 percent of their income and 25 percent of their assets toward the cost of their own education. The minimum expected contribution from a first-year student is $1,350 and, from all others. $1,500. Financial need is determined by subtracting your family contribution from the total cost of education. In addition to tuition, room and board, we consider books, supplies, travel and personal expenses as costs related to attending college.
  • What are the elements of a financial aid package?
    Grants, employment and student loans are the three elements of a Sarah Lawrence financial aid package. You are not required to accept the loan or work offer in order to receive Sarah Lawrence Gift Aid.
  • What is Sarah Lawrence Gift Aid?
    Sarah Lawrence Gift Aid is funded from various sources, including contributions from alumnae/i, parents, students, and friends of the College. Sarah Lawrence Gift Aid is directly applicable to any tuition, room and board expenses incurred while enrolled at Sarah Lawrence or one of its overseas programs. It does not need to be repaid. All or a portion of your awards may be underwritten by endowment funds given by generous friends of the College. If this is the case, you will be notified during the fall semester.
  • Limits on Sarah Lawrence Gift Aid.
    Sarah Lawrence gift aid is available for the first 120 credits attempted toward completion of the bachelor’s degree for first-time, full-time undergraduate students.  Full-time transfer students may be eligible for SLC gift aid up to but not exceeding the difference between the number of credits transferred into SLC and the 120 credits needed to earn a bachelor’s degree. In all instances, additional aid is not awarded to cover the loss of academic credits.
  • What federal grants are available?
    Federal Pell and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG) are awarded to students who meet the eligibility criteria as established by the Department of Education. All financial aid applicants who are U.S. citizens apply by completing the FAFSA. Students eligible for Pell funding may also be eligible for the Federal SEOG. This grant is awarded after the Office of Financial Aid obtains the official results of your FAFSA from the Department of Education. For more information, see the Federal Pell Grant site.
  • What state grants are available?
    New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is available to all eligible New York residents attending Sarah Lawrence College. New York residents who complete the FAFSA will be sent a separate TAP application, which they must complete and file by the stated deadline. For more information, explore the New York State site.

    Rhode Island, Vermont, Michigan, Washington DC and Oregon offer grant programs to their residents who attend New York colleges. Contact the state education department or your high school guidance counselor for further information.
  • How does student employment work?
    If you receive financial aid, you may work on campus. The first four weeks of the fall semester are reserved for the hiring of Work-Study students. After this period, campus jobs are available to all students. The Office of Student Employment will be available to assist you in the job search process. You will receive a paycheck every two weeks for work already performed.

    In addition to on-campus jobs, the Office of Student Employment receives information regarding off-campus opportunities. All off-campus jobs are posted in the Classifieds section of MySLC. To find the listings once you are logged into MySLC, click Campus Life, then Classifieds. Next, click on Off-Campus Job Board. Students are responsible for contacting off-campus employers directly. The posted listings are purely for the convenience of the students. Sarah Lawrence College makes no recommendation or endorsement with respect to any of the off-campus jobs. Sarah Lawrence College is not responsible for any problems, complaints, or inconveniences that occur as a result of this service or the acceptance of any of the jobs listed.
  • What types of loans are available to students with financial need?
    A student loan is an obligation that must be repaid after you complete your degree or cease to be enrolled.  Sarah Lawrence commonly awards two types of federally administered student loans: the Perkins Loan and the Federal Direct Student Loan.

    Federal Perkins Loans are awarded to students who demonstrate the greatest need. This loan carries a 5 percent interest rate, which accrues nine months after graduation or as soon as the borrower drops below half-time status. Repayment also begins at that time and usually continues over a 10-year period.

    Federal Student Loans are available through the federal government. If you demon­strate “need,” you are eligible for the subsidized student loan, on which the federal government pays interest as it accrues until the start of your grace period or the point at which you drop below half-time status. If you do not demonstrate “need,” you are eligible for an unsubsidized student loan, on which the interest must be paid while you are in school. As with the subsidized loan, repayment of principle begins six months after you graduate or drop below half-time status. Repayment of either loan can be made over a 10- to 15-year period. The federal government may charge an origination fee for the student loan. These fees are deducted from each semester’s check.  The fixed interest rate, set each year on July 1st, on the student loan for new borrowers is based on the 91-day Treasury bill plus a 3.1 percent allowance, not to exceed 8.25 percent.
  • What about loans for parents?
    The Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) is a program whereby credit-worthy parents may borrow the total cost of their child’s education minus any financial aid awarded to the student. The variable interest rate is capped at 10 percent based on the 52-week Treasury bill plus an allowance of 3.1 percent. You can file online.
  • How will I receive notice of my financial aid award?
    If you’re an incoming applicant and you file the necessary forms by the stated deadlines, you will receive notification of your award in early April. Returning applicants will be notified in early May if the required financial forms and tax returns are received by the deadlines. Late applicants for financial aid will be notified upon completion of all required documents, and awards will be subject to fund availability at the time of completion. Since our financial aid resources are limited, funding may not be available to late applicants.
  • How do I accept my award?
    To accept your award and have the aid credited to your student account, you must submit all documents requested by the Office of Financial Aid no later than the stated deadlines. Renewal of financial aid is not automatic. Forms must be filed by the stated deadlines each year of attendance. Recipients must continue to demonstrate financial need and maintain satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for financial aid.
  • How do I apply for student loans once my eligibility is determined?
    If you are eligible for student loans, you will be notified in your financial aid award letter from the Office of Financial Aid. You must complete an entrance counseling interview and Master Promissory Note by visiting Once this Master Promissory Note is filed, the funds from your loan will be made available to your account through the Sarah Lawrence College Office of Student Accounts.
  • What happens to my financial aid if I study off-campus?
    If you are studying overseas on one of Sarah Lawrence’s programs, all aid for which you are eligible will be applied to the cost of the program—including Sarah Lawrence Gift Aid. If you are studying at another college, or through another school’s program, you and the Office of Financial Aid at the host institution will need to complete a Consortium Agreement with the Sarah Lawrence Office of Financial Aid. Through this agreement, the Stafford Loans, PLUS loans and Pell Grant monies will be applied to the cost of that program.
  • Whether or not I qualify for aid, are there other payment or loan options available to help my family meet college costs?
    Yes. Sarah Lawrence offers a 10-month payment plan administered through the Sarah Lawrence Office of the Bursar. Please call (914) 395-2550 for more information on this plan.

    In addition, there are many private or alternative student loans available through various lenders which do not require that a student demonstrate need.
  • What about other non-Sarah Lawrence based financial assistance?
    In addition to the aid components available to Sarah Lawrence for inclusion in your package, we recommend several other financing options.

    Scholarships are awarded by many foundations, civic and religious organizations and affinity groups to academically talented students. You should report any financial assistance awarded from a community organization, foundation or high school to the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible. Adjustments to your financial aid award may be required according to the sources involved. In most cases, this office will reduce the loan portions of your financial aid award so that your total award does not exceed your need.
  • Does Sarah Lawrence offer need-based scholarships that are distinctive?
    Yes. Unless otherwise specified, donor scholarships are awarded to returning students who have financial need and have demonstrated academic achievement.  No additional application is necessary to be considered for these scholarships.
  • How can I become an independent student?
    Dependency is determined when you are admitted to the College.
    If you are dependent at the time of admission, you remain so throughout your undergraduate years (for Sarah Lawrence funds only). Sarah Lawrence accepts the dependency criteria determined by the Department of Education (for federal funds only).
  • How is my aid affected when a sibling attends college at the same time?
    As long as your sibling is enrolled at least half time in an undergraduate degree program, your family contribution is divided equally between the two of you. Siblings attending graduate or professional programs should not be reported as family members attending college.
  • Does Sarah Lawrence College offer financial aid for summer courses?
    No. Financial aid is only offered for the fall and spring semesters.
  • What does “satisfactory academic progress” mean?
    The federal government and Sarah Lawrence have policies governing who may continue to receive financial assistance. This determination is based on how many credits you attempt and earn, and what your grade point average is at the end of each academic year. You must continuously maintain a 2.0 or better grade point average at the end of your sophomore year.

    You’ll need to be aware that if you lose credit along the way, it may have an impact on our financial aid decision in your last semesters here.
    The federal government policy is reflected in this chart:

End of Year





Attempted credits





Must have earned at least





Net Price Calculator

Sarah Lawrence College has partnered with the College Board to offer a Net Price Calculator—a tool that will help you determine just how affordable Sarah Lawrence may be for your family. The calculator will put together an estimated package based on the academic and financial information you provide. You may use estimates of income, but note that our financial aid packages are based on actual tax return data. It just takes a few minutes to see what might be in store for you! This tool is NOT recommended for International applicants. Go to the calculator»