Who We Are


Lorayne CarbonLorayne Carbon, Director

Lorayne began teaching in 1984 in Head Start programs, and has directed several programs in various settings; both public and private. A faculty advisor to the College’s Child Development Institute, she is a frequent speaker at conferences and in early childhood settings. She is a 1984 graduate of SUNY Buffalo and received her MS Ed from the Bank Street College of Education in New York City in 1986. Lorayne has been Director of the Early Childhood Center since August 2003.

"A child's natural sense of wonder thrives at the ECC. Immersed in hands-on experiences, guided by teachers who are sensitive to their ideas, strengths, and passions, they become makers of meaning, developing a deep understanding of the world. The amazing thing about the Early Childhood Center is that it encourages this deep understanding from adults as well. College students, parents, and teachers can engage fully with the ECC community, learning from the children and each other."

Jan Drucker, Consultant

B.A., Radcliffe College, Ph.D., New York University. Sarah Lawrence psychology faculty (1972-present). Teaches both undergraduate psychology and graduate Art of Teaching courses. Former Director of the Child Development Institute. Areas of academic focus include developmental theory, development of personality, symbolization, narrative of life experience and the professional development of preschool and elementary teachers. Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, specializing in the development of normal and emotionally disturbed young children. Author and researcher on play and other symbolic processes and aspects of clinical practice.

"There are no one-way vision screens at the ECC, as there are at most lab schools. Student observers are directly involved in the life of the classroom. They get a richer experience of observation by interacting with the kids over time, and the children benefit from having more adults around, especially since the students bring their own talents – from dancing to art to cooking – to classroom activities."

Shirley DeGenova, Administrative Assistant, Sarah Lawrence 1998–

Lead Teachers

Milagros Harper, Sarah Lawrence 1995– 

Robbin Hawkins, Sarah Lawrence 1994–

Sarah Mathews, Sarah Lawrence 1992–

Debra Riessen, Sarah Lawrence 2012–

Sonna Schupak, Sarah Lawrence 1989–

Susan Schwimmer, Sarah Lawrence 1989–

Why ECC?

“We could not have had a better experience at this ECC this year.  We feel so lucky that our son had the chance to learn in such a supportive and dynamic environment that fosters a love of learning through play and exploration. The ECC is truly a thoughtful community of early childhood educators that provides the kind of enriching experiences for children that one could only hope for in an early childhood setting. Over the course of the year we've seen our son grow into himself and the world in such exciting ways, thanks to everything the teachers at the ECC do so well.”

—Adam Brown, ECC Parent