How We Do It

If you have not worked with the Office of Marketing & Communications before, the information below will walk you through the project initiation process.

First, we will have a few questions for you. These are questions that you should consider in advance, as they may help you formulate your project and its goals.

  • What is the objective of your project? If there are multiple objectives, which can especially occur if a project spans multiple departments, how should the objectives be prioritized?
  • Who is the audience? How do you want them to feel as a result of your project?
  • Who's voice should we use?
  • What design elements do you have in mind?
  • Are there specific copy points to consider?

After you have considered these initial questions and have a clear idea of your project and what you would like it to accomplish, it is time to set up a project timeline.

  • Working with the Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, set a preliminary schedule for the project. This will include all necessary rounds of review and revision, and a target print and delivery date (if applicable).
  • Determine the decision makers for your project. Who needs to see comps and give final approval?

If you are working on a print project, consider up front whether there will be a Web component to your project. Often, the Web site is an afterthought when working in print, when really the two mediums should go hand in hand. If you envision a Web component to your project, indicate that so the Director of Digital Content can be brought into the planning process.

To help you plan your project and answer the questions outlined above, we invite you to download a Project Authorization Form.

Your Point of Contact

When you are ready to get started on your project, your point of contact will be Joan McCann, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications. She can be reached at (914) 395-2637 or