Convene. Converse.

“A doctor, a lawyer, and an artist walk into a party and strike up a conversation. …” The beginning of a groan-inducing joke? Hardly! It’s the beginning of a Sarah Lawrence gathering—Reunion 2019. We interrupted a few partygoers just long enough to ask: What’s your favorite thing to do when you connect with SLC friends?

“Talk until we fall asleep, just like old times. Except it’s earlier these days.”
Rachel Orlins Bergman ’91

“Share our work and collaborate over new ideas. Seeing my SLC friends feels like coming home to myself.”
Riley Krembil MFA ’18

“Exhale. Normal people outside of Sarah Lawrence are so boring!”
Alexandra Pauline ’09

“Introduce alumni from different class years who weren’t on campus at the same time, but would have been great friends if they had been.”
Brian Emery ’07
(filmmaking & moving image arts)

“Talk and talk and talk and laugh.”
Margaret Stockton ’87

“Share memories, catch up, plot the future.”
Steevie Jane Parks ’78

“Talk about books and art and life and how we’re trying to help change our corners of the world one bit at a time.”
Ilana Masad ’14

“Talk until we’re hoarse—about our lives, the world, and SLC past and present.”
Sally Hamby ’73, MFA ’78

Diana Snoke Jones ’84

Interviews by Joanna Bettelheim ’09; photos by Dana Maxson, Quyen Nguyen, and Chris Taggart