Experiencing Yonkers Video Project

The “Experiencing Yonkers Video Project” is a site-specific video exploration created by the Sarah Lawrence College Theatre and Civic Engagement program, which connects the energy and creativity of Sarah Lawrence students to the aliveness and vibrancy of Yonkers. 

Marching Short (2021)

Untermyer Park and Gardens (2018)

In 2018, an ensemble of Theatre and Civic Engagement program performers visited Untermyer Park and Gardens. Using the vocabulary of everyday movement, students explore meaning-making in this Yonkers public park.

Van der Donck Park (2016)

The spectacular natural and architectural beauty of Van der Donck Park (2016), the surrounding historic Yonkers downtown, and the waterfront district serve as central counterpoints to the simple, repetitive pedestrian movements of the performers.

This edition of “Experiencing Yonkers” was projected at dusk, along with other video content, onto the walls of the Yonkers Riverfront Library as part of a light and sound installation in the waterfront district launched by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano earlier in the year.

Project Details

Advisors: Allen Lang and Aixa Rosario Medina; Sarah Lawrence College Performers, Alex Liu, Alli Kelly, Anna Deery, Bobby Marcus, Matt Landry McWilliams, India Stachyra, Henry Halkyard, Claire Flom-Stab, Nahome Diribssa, Kervin Peralta and Michele Hernandez.

Cinematography and Editing: Hyung Seok Jeon and Henry Halkyard.

Special thanks to: The City of Yonkers, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers Mayor’s Office of Film & Photography, Sarah Lawrence College Filmmaking and Moving Image Arts, Sarah Lawrence College Audio Visual Department, and the Sarah Lawrence College Theatre Program.