Theatre Productions



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Each year, the students, faculty, and staff of the Theatre Program carefully curate a schedule of performances and projects that center on original student work, published works, and our community’s core values. While some semesters have included original play readings, developmental residencies, musicals, devised new works, and small festivals, we strive to honor the creativity of our student theatremakers from year to year. We encourage our students to concentrate on the creative process over the final product.

Often our curriculum will intertwine with our production schedule through faculty mentorship in playwriting, directing, design, stage management, and devising. In the spring semester, many classes present their process through a series of practicum presentations, including; musical cabaret, devised work, Shakespeare, stand-up comedy, and puppetry. Our award-winning faculty artists mentor students beyond the classroom through their work in Sarah Lawrence Theatre projects and productions. Quite often, students go on to work alongside faculty in the professional world.

Beyond our program-supported performances, over a dozen student-led theatre companies create their work and produce their seasons all across campus. Any student who wishes to be involved will find their place to collaborate and share through the college’s robust programming that welcomes theatre students and the entire campus to join in the creative community.