African American Oral History Project

Dennis Richmond's great grandparents, 1909At the Yonkers Public Library, Dr. Kishauna Soljour, a Sarah Lawrence College Public Humanities Fellow and faculty member, created the African American Oral History project that sought to tell and archive stories from the community, including an interview with Art of Teaching alumnus Dennis Richmond, Jr., who has traced the history of his family to the antebellum north and south.

While archiving and cataloguing these oral histories as well as a connected lecture series for public use, Soljour's teaching also extends to the future. Over several weeks in the fall 2020 semester, she taught interested youth from Yonkers the intricacies of sound engineering, which experts use to create podcasts, radio programming, and other forms of audio storytelling—documenting the past while also empowering the next generation to use their voices to tell their stories.