Kishauna Soljour, Public Humanities Fellow

Kishauna SoljourKishauna Soljour joined Sarah Lawrence College as a Public Humanities Fellow and member of the history faculty in 2020. Dr. Soljour has a special interest in the history of the modern African diaspora in the West, oral history, NGO and nonprofit management, and transnational history, as well as the history of social movements and race.

She is the author of Beyond the Banlieue: French Postcolonial Migration & the Politics of a Sub-Saharan Identity; manuscript awarded The Council of Graduate Schools/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award in Humanities and Fine Arts.

She holds a BA, MA, MPhil, and PhD from Syracuse University.

Recent Projects

Course Work

In spring 2021, Soljour taught a course to Sarah Lawrence students entitled, The City of Yonkers: Histories of Change, Continuity and Community, which explored Yonkers’ story and how its peaks and valleys are intertwined with America’s history and policy decisions. For conference projects, her students created podcasts focused on specific components of Yonkers and its history, from politics to education—connecting students’ interests and academic concentrations with the course’s real-world subject matter.