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You know you went to Sarah Lawrence when...

You see ANYTHING and immediately think, “That would be an amazing conference paper.”

Skyler Jude Markman ’14

Luke’s conversations with Yoda make you nostalgic for conferences.

Stephanie Dempsey ’92

You earn a PhD in epidemiology and proudly claim that you started to master interdisciplinary research before you were legally able to drink.

Michael LeVasseur ’04

You find out that a co-worker or acquaintance also went to SLC, and you instantly become besties, even if you’re 20 years older.

Julia (Berman) Rowley ’93

Your most valued quality in friends is their ability to question the very framework of the conversation.

Buzz Slutzky ’10

Your management style is constantly described as “collaborative,” and you roll your eyes, because DUH, how else does anything get done?

Corrin Eckert-Chu ’91

Upon meeting another SLC grad, you know immediately that they’re a better writer than anyone else in the room.

Michael Bachrach ’96

Your colleague panics if there’s not a standard operating procedures manual. You panic if there is. (And then ignore it.)

Kathleen Spinelli ’87

The school you work at does an in-service on genderqueer and transgender issues, and you realize your “common knowledge” on the subject is not common at all.

Sara DeSabato ’06

You find yourself repeatedly explaining that, no, just because you didn’t receive a traditional letter-grade report card every semester, you were also not graded on a system of hugs, unicorns, and rainbows! (Well, maybe just a little!)

Paul Adler ’88

At age 65, you are still calling your don for advice.

Sally Caltrider ’77

People are confused about why you just do what you want, when you’re confused why people just blindly follow “rules.”

Alexandra Pauline ’09

You go on a job interview, and you’re asked where you attended college. When you say Sarah Lawrence, the interviewer says, “Isn’t that a pastry?” You look at him confused and say, “You’re thinking of Sara Lee.” He says OH, but proceeds to hum the Sara Lee jingle.*

Jennifer Novak ’91

* Sara Lee Schupf is a Sarah Lawrence CCE graduate, Class of 1988!