Why I Give

Elizabeth Duncan Jenkins ’68 and John C. Jenkins

Grandparents of Isak McCune ’18

Elizabeth Jenkins, John Jenkins, Isak McCune

“We have seen firsthand how much the College has meant to Isak. It was only natural that we would want to help make this valuable education affordable to other students.”

John C. Jenkins, Donor
The Elizabeth Duncan Jenkins Endowed Scholarship Fund

Then (Elizabeth) Studied child psychology and worked at the Early Childhood Center, an experience that prepared her to become a preschool teacher. 
Now (Isak) Studied comparative literature—with a special interest in Japanese and Irish literature—and plans to pursue a doctorate in the field.

Then (Elizabeth) Wrote for the SLC student newspaper The Emanon (no name, spelled backward), though extracurricular activities generally took a backseat to current events. “We were all distracted by the [Vietnam] war,” she recalls.
Now (Isak) Developed a ritual of gathering with fellow lit students to discuss lengthy papers they’d recently completed.

Then (Elizabeth) Cherishes memories of the late Meyer Rabban (psychology) and his fascinating insights about human behavior.
Now (Isak) Took several courses with Sayuri Oyama (Japanese language, literature), whose “Modern Japanese Literature” course set Isak on his current path.

Then (Elizabeth) Met John at a cousin’s wedding in Indianapolis and started dating him her sophomore year. He often visited campus on weekends, including the memorable night students sat together listening to the radio as LBJ announced he would not run for president.
Now (Isak) Spent a summer on campus helping Philip Ording (mathematics) research his book, 99 Variations on a Proof. “That I could pursue mathematics so seriously outside of literature speaks to the academic diversity of Sarah Lawrence.”

Then (Elizabeth) Studied literature in London during the summer of 1966, visiting real-life settings of various books.
Now (Isak) Studied at Oxford University during the 2017–18 academic year, where he was the first SLC student to request a mathematics course.

Then (Elizabeth) Lasting SLC influence: The ability to bring multifaceted projects to completion, a skill she uses in her work for social causes, such as fundraising for women’s shelters.
Now (Isak) Lasting SLC influence: The importance of learning about others. “As a small-town kid from Indiana, embracing a cosmopolitan spirit is very important to me.”