You’re So Sadie Lou!

Attend any gathering of Sarah Lawrence alumni and friends, and you’re assured of great company, great conversation, and a great time. Even a simple question like Who are you? or What do you do? can yield a surprising answer (or maybe not so surprising in an SLC crowd). When more than 200 revelers kicked off the holidays in NYC, we asked partygoers: If your nametag had room for a hyphenated life title, what would it say?

“Cybersecurity Marketer – Heart-Condition Survivor – Published Author”
Daniel Wallock ’17

“Creative Director – Skincare Maven – Designer”
B Dean Skibinski ’96

“Public Middle School Founder – Personalized Learning Advocate”
Sarah Kaufmann ’06

“Art-Theatre-TV Producer”
Jeannine Jones ’98

“Dancer – Digital Media and Video Artist”
Richert Schnorr ’06

“Older Sister – Paid Protester – Professional Troublemaker – Occasional Romcom Watcher”
Carolyn Martinez-Class ’17

“Actor-turned-Producer – Soon-to-Be Father”
Mike Sapienza ’03, Alumni Association Vice President

“Sex Educator – Mom – Screenwriter – Romance Writer”
Rebecca Pinette-Dorin ’96

“Dancer – Chiropractor”
Dawn Powell ’74

“Audience Engagement Coordinator – aka Storyteller”
Jeanne Hodesh ’06

Interviews by Joanna Bettelheim ’09; photos by Dana Maxson