Gloria Escobar-Chaparro

Assistant Director, Fieldwork Coordinator

BS (political science), St. John’s University. MA'10, Postgraduate Fellowship (health advocacy), Sarah Lawrence College. Fieldwork coordinator, professional development advisor; consultant and grant writer for Mossville Environmental Action Now (MEAN); 20 years in financial services, focusing on project and product management and intellectual property. Areas of interest include environmental justice, social justice, management of debilitating chronic diseases, and access to care; currently teaches Fieldwork Seminar in the Sarah Lawrence Health Advocacy Program. SLC, 2010–

Graduate Courses 2015-2016

Health Advocacy Program Courses

Fieldwork Seminar


This course will provide students with guidance in the development of their sense of professional identity. Supportive guidance in a group setting will give students an opportunity to work on practical skills such as resume development, communication skills, and standards for behavior that are essential for work as health advocates. Students will also have the opportunity to share and reflect upon specific fieldwork experiences. 


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