Marybec Griffin

Dr. Marybec Griffin received her PhD in Social and Behavioral Health Sciences from New York University, has previously completed an MPH at New York University, and holds an MA in International Affairs from the New School. In addition, she is a trained doula and a certified sexologist. Her research focuses on healthcare access among LGBTQ+ young adults, sexual health education, and the impact of media (music and film) on identity and behavior. She is the co-creator of Dr. Period Hackers, a menstrual health research and education collective. She has worked at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in the areas of HIV/AIDS policy and program design, as well as helping to evaluate the quality of sexual health services and contraceptive coverage in New York City.

Graduate Courses 2023-2024

MA Health Advocacy

Statistics for Health Advocacy

Graduate Seminar—Fall

Statistics is essential in identifying problems, advancing campaigns, and evaluating programs. Students will gain comfort with foundational statistical concepts and methods in this course, focusing on healthcare data. By evaluating research papers and statistical statements, students will understand, recognize, and manage statistics and probability statements more effectively. With this gained understanding, students will be able to craft messages using quality statistics. The course does not concentrate on teaching a statistical package, but students will participate in basic computations.