Combine Theory & Practice with Service Learning Courses




Service learning melds theory and practice through experiential opportunities that support the in-classroom curriculum.

2017-2018 Courses

First-Year Studies: Children’s Health in a Multicultural Context (year-long)

Linwood Lewis (psychology)

This course offers, within a cultural context, an overview of theoretical and research issues in the psychological study of health and illness in children. We will examine theoretical perspectives in the psychology of health, health cognition, illness prevention, stress, and coping with illness and highlight research, methods, and applied issues. This class is appropriate for those interested in a variety of health careers. Conference work can range from empirical research to bibliographic research in this area. Community partnership/service learning work is required in the spring semester.

People on the Move: Narrating Displacement, Critiquing Crisis, and Advocating for Refugees and Forced Migrants (year-long)

Janet Reilly (politics)

Throughout the world, millions of individuals have been forced to flee their homes due to persecution and armed conflict. This seminar explores the causes and consequences of forced displacement. Students examine the assumptions and actions of governments, the donor community, the United Nations, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that typically intervene on behalf of refugees. Several complex issues are considered, such as contrasting models of care: camp settings v. urban refugees and legal status, and distinctions between refugees, asylees, and other migrants. Through community-based work, students explore the link between global refugee movements and the status of refugees and other immigrants in America.

Teaching Conference: Dance (fall)

Peggy Gould (dance)

In  this practice-based course, students develop skills to bring their artistry into a teaching setting. The students study methods for artists to partner with educators and implement those methods in a weekly class for children enrolled inSarah Lawrence’s acclaimed Early Childhood Center (ECC). In addition to their work with ECC, interested students may also pursue teaching initiatives in surrounding communities, including Yonkers and the greater Westchester and New York City metropolitan areas.

Theatre Outreach: Collaboration and Community (year-long)

Allen Lang (theatre)

Developing original, issue-oriented dramatic material using music and theatre media, this course will present the structures needed for community extension of the theatre. Performance and teaching groups will work with small theatres, schools, senior-citizen groups, museums, centers, and shelters. Advanced section also offered.

Past Service-Learning Courses

  • The Black Revolt from the Jim Crow North to the Jim Crow West
  • Children and Chronic Disease
  • Contemporary Immigration and Immigrant Rights in New York
  • The Crime Against Civil Rights: Crime Policy and Prisons
  • Divided Nation? Cities and Suburbs in the US
  • First-Year Studies—Child and Adolescent Development in North American and African Contexts: Opportunities and Inequalities
  • First-Year Studies: Developmental Psychology and Educational Perspectives
  • The History of Elemental Mathematics: Pythagoras to Newton
  • Methods of Theatre Outreach
  • Modern Dance and Social Conscience
  • The Nature of Nurture: Sustainable Child Development
  • On Representing Indigenous Cultures: Latin America and Beyond
  • Organized Money or Organized People: Voters, Movements, Media, and Money in US Politics
  • Refugees, Human Rights, and the Failure of the Nation-State System
  • Science Education: From Congress to the Classroom
  • Sociology of Education
  • Sound Structures, Social Structures
  • Workers in the Globalized Economy
  • Wrongfully Accused