Intensive Semester in Yonkers




The Intensive Semester in Yonkers is open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This interdisciplinary semester-long program (15 credits) provides students with the chance to explore in-depth some of the social, historical, economic, and environmental issues that face contemporary urban America while they also explore, through working in local agencies, opportunities to meet these challenges. With writing and filmmaking as vehicles for our work, the major emphasis of the term will be a focus on the influence of community and place on human development, particularly with young people.

Yonkers, the fourth largest city in one of the most populous states in the country, provides students an extraordinary opportunity in close proximity to Sarah Lawrence’s campus to learn about a broad range of urban issues affecting much of the country, including the social geography of inequality, segregation and urban race relations, environmental and educational inequalities, and urban economic development. Students will work with and learn from faculty members and professionals who have been thinking about and addressing key local issues over an extended period of time and who have engaged in performance and media as a means of expression and identity.

Community-based internships are an integral component of the program, which will address a broad range of urban issues affecting much of the country, including:

  • The social geography of inequality
  • Segregation and urban race relations
  • Environmental and educational inequalities
  • Urban economic development

Intensive Semester Theme

The theme for the Intensive Semester in Yonkers varies from year to year. For fall 2019 the program theme will be, "Building Communities in Yonkers: Theatre, Knowledge, and Action." Faculty members will be from the following three disciplines: Sociology, Global Studies, and Theatre.

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