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The main phone number for Sarah Lawrence College is 914.337.0700.

Our mailing address is:

Sarah Lawrence College
1 Mead Way
Bronxville, New York 10708

Please note the telephone area code for the listings below is 914 unless otherwise noted.

Advancement 45 Kraft Avenue 

Alumni Relations 45 Kraft Avenue 

Archives Main Library 

Art of Teaching Graduate Program Boulder (2nd floor) 

Audio/Visual Performing Arts Center 

Auxiliary Services Bates 

Campus Safety Robinson, Swinford Annex, Westlands 

Career Services Bates 2S 

Center for the Urban River at Beczak  

Child Development Graduate Program Boulder (2nd floor) 

Child Development Institute Boulder (2nd floor) 

Committee on Conditions of Staff Employment (CCSE)  

Community Partnerships Bates 

Controller's Office Swinford Annex 

Credit Union  

  • Academic Federal Credit Union Pace University
  • Member Services

Dance Graduate Program Performing Arts Center 

Dance/Movement Therapy Graduate Program MacCracken 

Dean of Studies Westlands (2nd floor) 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office  

Duplicating Center Bates 

Facilities Andrews House 

Fax Machines

  • Advancement 45 Kraft Avenue 395.2665 
  • Archives Main Library 395.2473 
  • Child Development Institute Boulder (2nd floor) 395.2631 
  • Community Partnerships Bates 395.2698 
  • Controller's Office Swinford Annex 395.2519 
  • Early Childhood Center  323.6352 
  • Facilities Andrews House 395.2670 
  • Faculty Support Office Bates 395.2662 
  • Finance  395.2519 
  • Financial Aid Westlands (1st floor) 395.2676 
  • Food Services (AVI) Bates 395.2459 
  • Graduate & Professional Programs Slonim 395.2664 
  • Health & Wellness Center Lyles 395.2640 
  • Heimbold Visual Arts Center  395.2679 
  • Human Resources Andrews Annex 395.2669 
  • Information Technology Services Library Lower Level 395.2667 
  • Main Library  395.2473 
  • Marketing & Communications Robinson 395.2638 
  • Music Program Marshall Field 395.2507 
  • Operations Andrews House 395.2670 
  • Physical Education & Athletics Campbell Sports Center 395.2564 
  • President's Office Westlands (1st floor) 395.2668 
  • Provost and Dean of Faculty Westlands (2nd floor) 395.2666 
  • Registrar's Office Westlands (2nd floor) 395.2320 
  • Siegel Center (The Pub) Siegel Center 395.2459 
  • Student Life  395.2661 
  • Undergraduate Admission Westlands (1st floor) 395.2515 
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Financial Aid Westlands (1st floor) 

Food Services (AVI) Bates 

Global Education Swinford 

Graduate Admissions Westlands 

Graduate & Professional Programs Slonim 

Graduate Program Directors  

Health & Wellness Center Lyles 

Health Advocacy Graduate Program Slonim 

Heimbold Visual Arts Center  

Human Genetics Graduate Program 45 Wrexham 

Human Resources Andrews Annex 

Information Technology Services Library Lower Level 

Main Library  

Marketing & Communications Robinson 

Music Program Marshall Field 

New York University Silver School of Social Work 45 Wrexham 

Operations Andrews House 

Payroll Andrews Annex 

Physical Education & Athletics Campbell Sports Center 

Post Office Bates 

President's Office Westlands (1st floor) 

Provost and Dean of Faculty Westlands (2nd floor) 

Registrar's Office Westlands (2nd floor) 

Residential Life Bates 220 

Science Laboratories Science Center 

Special Events Robinson 

Student Accounts Andrews Annex 

Student Employment Westlands (1st floor) 

Student Involvement & Leadership Barbara Walters Campus Center / 2nd floor 

Summer Programs 45 Wrexham 

Theatre Graduate Program Performing Arts Center 

Undergraduate Admission Westlands (1st floor) 

Westlands Desk (College Emergency Number) Westlands 

Westlands Desk (Non-Emergency Number) Westlands 

Women's History Graduate Program North 

Writing Graduate Program Slonim 

The Writing Institute Slonim