Living in Paris




Daily life in Paris and immersion into French culture are essential parts of the study abroad experience.

The Sarah Lawrence Paris offices and classrooms are at Reid Hall, located between the Luxembourg Gardens and the Montparnasse district, where many artists, writers, and painters have lived and worked. A variety of social and cultural activities complement students’ academic programs and give them a deeper understanding of French history, society and culture.


The program provides 2 different housing options:

  • Student Residence (Fondation des États-Unis - Cité Universitaire)
  • Homestays (Host Families in Paris)


Upon arrival in Paris, students begin with an orientation period designed to provide the knowledge and skills essential for living and studying in France. Students travel to Tours (Loire Valley), where they have the opportunity to explore the city and visit the region’s spectacular Renaissance castles. Students take intensive language courses, live with host families, and learn about the history and culture of the region.

Additional orientation activities include conferences on French culture and teaching methods, guided trips in and around Paris, and intensive language study.

Cultural Activities and Excursions

To further students’ understanding of French society and culture, the program regularly sponsors events and activities, including:

  • Cinema nights
  • Guided tours of cultural and political institutions
  • Opportunities to attend exhibits, lectures, and cultural events
  • Daytrips and excursions in Paris and the French provinces
  • Opportunities to meet French students through dinners, coffee hours, and linguistic partnerships
  • Volunteer opportunities with local organizations