General Information




Requirements, Policies & Guidelines

The following information pertains to both Sarah Lawrence and non-Sarah Lawrence study abroad programs.

Residency Requirement

Students must complete two consecutive years of study at Sarah Lawrence College, and either the junior or senior year must be spent on the Sarah Lawrence campus in Bronxville. Studying on an away or exchange program does not satisfy the residency requirement.

Lecture Requirement

Students are required to successfully complete four lecture courses over four semesters at Sarah Lawrence (20 credits). Successfully completing a full semester abroad (15 credits) will result in five lecture credits. A successful year abroad (30 credits) will result in 10 lecture credits.

Language Requirement

  • Students who have taken a semester of beginning language elsewhere will have those credits evaluated as regular transfer credits.
  • Students who have taken a semester of beginning language elsewhere and want to continue the language second semester at Sarah Lawrence will be allowed to do so, based on the student’s ability to do the course work and on classroom space availability.
  • The languages taught at Sarah Lawrence are French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.

Distribution Requirements

Of the minimum 120 credits required for the BA degree, the following limits apply:

  • Maximum of 60 credits in the creative arts
  • Maximum of 80 credits in the humanities
  • Maximum of 80 credits in the social sciences
  • Maximum of 80 credits in the natural sciences and mathematics
  • Maximum of 50 credits in one discipline
  • Minimum of at least two semester courses (10 credits) in at least three of the four following areas: natural sciences and mathematics; humanities; social sciences and history; creative arts.

Transfer Credit

The Office of Global Education must approve programs/courses of study in advance. In general, only courses in disciplines offered at Sarah Lawrence are accepted in transfer.

Additional transfer credit policies are as follows:

  • Students receive credit for a full semester only if they complete at least 15 semester hours.
  • Only courses graded “C” (not “C-”) or better will transfer. Grades of “P” or “Pass” are not acceptable unless defined by the sponsoring institution as equivalent to “C” or better.
  • Verify with your off-campus school that credits and grades will be recorded on an official transcript, and arrange to have official transcripts sent directly from the sponsoring college or university to the Registrar's office at Sarah Lawrence upon conclusion of the program.
  • All courses must be recorded on an accredited college or university transcript.

Financial Aid

Students who attend one of the Sarah Lawrence Study Abroad programs can apply their entire financial aid package toward the cost of the program.

Students attending a non-Sarah Lawrence program may apply only federal aid, loans, and possibly external scholarships (check with the scholarship provider). Sarah Lawrence gift aid cannot be applied toward non-Sarah Lawrence programs.

To find out if any part of your financial aid will travel with you, visit the Office of Financial Aid, e-mail, or call 914.395.2570.