Study Abroad in Paris

Eiffel Tower

A genuine experience of France, Sarah Lawrence-style

In Paris, Sarah Lawrence will give you the opportunity and the means to experience the creative and intellectual traditions that have made the city a destination for writers, artists and philosophers since medieval times. The study abroad program in Paris, France enables you to craft a personalized and intellectually stimulating course of study, while providing you with the opportunity to take advantage of Paris’ rich cultural life.

The Sarah Lawrence study abroad program in Paris welcomes students from other colleges, and features two programs designed to accommodate students at all levels of fluency. French Language and Cultural Studies is designed for students with more limited proficiency in French, while Advanced Seminar Studies is ideal for students with advanced proficiency in French. Both academic programs offer a range of courses: small seminars with Sarah Lawrence professors and numerous classes at some of Paris’ premier educational institutions in the humanities and the social sciences. In keeping with the Sarah Lawrence philosophy of education, each course is complemented by weekly or biweekly conference work sessions, during which you will work independently with your professors, delving deeper into course material, preparing final projects, or developing personal research. In addition, you may choose from a wide selection of visual and performing arts courses at various studios and conservatories in and around Paris.

Whichever options you choose, the Sarah Lawrence study abroad Program Director and professors combine strong support and flexibility. Taking into consideration your interests and linguistic competency, they will guide you through the various options and enable you to pursue your studies to the fullest.