Study Abroad in Oxford, England




Oxford, England

Study one-on-one with leading scholars at Oxford, one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world.

Oxford provides an unparalleled system of education: the pursuit of individual interests in tutorial work supervised by exceptional faculty, complemented by a broad core curriculum. 

Then there's the location—known as the City of Dreaming Spires, Oxford has been home to students and scholars who have gone on to shape the world. It’s a city that blends English past and international present, natural beauty, and urban energy. To study at Oxford is to join one of the world’s most culturally vibrant and intellectually stimulating communities.


Sarah Lawrence is affiliated with Wadham College, one of the 39 undergraduate colleges that constitute the University of Oxford. Admitted students have access to an educational experience comparable to that of Oxford undergraduates.

The academic year runs September through June and is divided into three eight-week terms. Each term, students take two tutorials for a total of 10 credits. Students also participate in the Core Program, an opportunity to partake in lectures, events, and field trips. The Sarah Lawrence Program at Wadham provides an unparalleled opportunity for engaging in the academic and social life at Oxford.

"I wonder anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember, the place is so beautiful. One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking. It is all like an opera." —William Butler Yeats


Tutorials are the centerpiece of Oxford's educational experience, fostering dialogue, commitment, and engagement.  

Tutorials are similar to conferences at Sarah Lawrence College: they are unique opportunities for students to work one-on-one with experts in a field of study. They require students to choose a broadly defined course, study a separate topic within it, and produce a paper each week. 

Through concentrated reading and writing, along with participation in lectures, field trips, and events, students engage in a selected course of study that takes advantage of Oxford's wealth of academic resources and furthers the interdisciplinary aspects of a Sarah Lawrence education.

Tutorial course work should align with each student’s major or minor field of study. Students should review Oxford’s course offerings as a guide when choosing tutorial subjects. Staff members from Oxford and Sarah Lawrence College work with students to ensure the appropriate first-term tutorials are chosen.

Oxford faculty members, referred to as tutors, are assigned to teach tutorials based on their respective backgrounds and experiences, as well as the student’s level of interest and expertise in the subject matter. 

Tutorials taken by past students of the Oxford program include:


  • Introduction to Anthropological Theory
  • Theories of Knowledge Production in Anthropology
  • The Anthropology of Child Development


  • World Archaeology
  • The Nature of Archaeological Enquiry
  • Archaeology of the Greeks and the Mediterranean World

Art History

  • History of Traditional Chinese Art
  • Exploring Visual Language in the Arts
  • Study of British Modern and Contemporary Painting


  • Organic Chemistry with Lab
  • Organic Chemistry


  • History of Economic Thought
  • Economics of Developing Countries
  • International Political Economy

Film History

  • French Cinema
  • Italian Cinema


  • Conquest and Colonization: Span and America in the Sixteenth Century
  • Witchcraft and Witch-hunting in Early Modern Europe
  • 19th- and 20th-Century History of the Middle East


  • Arabic
  • Latin
  • Japanese


  • Gender in Shakespeare
  • Feminist Theory and Women’s Literature
  • The Victorian Novel


  • An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Analysis
  • Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Geometry


  • Composition
  • Counterpoint and Analysis
  • The Rise of Opera


  • Hellenistic Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science and Mind
  • Political Philosophy

Politics and Policy

  • History of Modern Political Thought
  • Political Theory
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy


  • Sensory Processes and Perception
  • Psychobiology
  • Social Psychology, Individual Differences, and Psychological Disorders


  • Issues in the Abrahamic Faiths
  • Islam in the Modern World
  • Buddhism in History and Society


  • Studies in Development and Political Ecology
  • The Sociology of Race and Identity
  • Social Network Analysis


  • Creative Writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Modern British Poetry and Poetry Writing

Core Program

The Sarah Lawrence Core Program is a series of lectures and events that introduces students to British history and culture, exposes them to events in the Oxford community, and allows them to engage with leading scholars on topics of broad interest.

Past program events have included theater workshops with members of the Royal Shakespeare Company; trips to excavated Roman ruins off the English coast; and a visit to Winston Churchill's private bunker in the Cabinet War Rooms.

Living in Oxford

Students experience the independence of city life, but also have the security and accommodation of program-sponsored housing.

University Housing

Study abroad students live in flats in Merifield, in Wadham College student housing. Each student has a private room and shares a common area that includes a kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms.

One on-campus dinner per week is included in the program fees. For the remaining meals, students typically prepare meals together, dine in Wadham’s cafeteria-style lunchroom, or visit a nearby pub.

Students have access to Wadham's gym and weight room, and access to rowing facilities in the boathouse.


Freshers' Weeks are held during the 10-day orientation before classes begin and expose new students to a wide range of clubs and societies open to their membership.

Clubs and societies range from those that are academically focused to those focused on social awareness and activism, creative expression, cultural activities, sport, or pure entertainment.

Students may compete on Wadham's teams in football, rugby, hockey, squash, and cricket, among others./

All Sarah Lawrence program students are members of the Oxford Union, a world-famous debating society and a center for student activities such as film nights, themed balls, and guest lectures.

The City of Oxford

Oxford is a rich commercial center, drawing diverse cultures to its growing population of 150,000.

The city is world-renowned for its publishing industry and is home to the international development organization Oxfam, as well as many bioscience and high-tech businesses.

Each year, 4 million tourists visit Oxford's museums, restaurants, pubs, shops, theatres, bookstores, festivals, and art festivals.


The Sarah Lawrence in Oxford program is open to students from all undergraduate institutions and is limited to 30 students annually.

A minimum grade point average of 3.7 is required of all applicants. Students must demonstrate consistent work at a high level, with particular strength in writing. Contact the Office of International Programs for more information.

Applications & Deadlines

Completed applications, including letters of recommendation, academic interest statement, study abroad approval, unofficial transcripts (guest students only), and application fee (guest students only) are due on February 1.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition (per year)


Room (pear year)


Please note: If there are damages to the room, you will be charged accordingly

Study abroad medical insurance*

$369 (fall)

TBD (spring)

Students still need to have their own coverage or coverage through the Sarah Lawrence plan to ensure they are covered before they leave the US and upon their return.
Tier 4 visa charge $452
Healthcare surcharge $390

Estimated Expenses

Roundtrip airfare


Meals and expenses

$200 per week (£154 per week)


$150 per term (£115 per term)**

Travel expenses before or after the term, and any trips taken during the mid-term break, are not included in this estimate.

Our Visiting Student status has reduced this cost considerably. Since we now have complete access to all libraries, most students are choosing not to purchase books each term.

Please note: Wadham now gives students £50 towards books on a card to be used in a (very good) local bookstore.

Financial Aid

Sarah Lawrence College students who normally receive financial aid may apply their awards to any College-sponsored program abroad.

Sarah Lawrence College offers limited financial assistance to guest students on this program. Students should consult their home school's financial aid office for guidance on other financial aid resources.

For more information about Sarah Lawrence financial aid options, e-mail the Office of International Programs.

Academic Calendar

The terms run for eight weeks. Students should arrive back in College in the week before the term begins, Noughth Week. The week after Eighth Week is used for completing the term’s tasks and for consultations about the following term. Students are to be in Oxford for all ten weeks.

Fall 2019
Wednesday, October 2 Students arrive
Orientation begins
Sunday, October 13
(First Week)
Michaelmas Term begins

Saturday, December 7
(Eighth Week)

Michaelmas Term ends
(9th week you are expected in College)

Sunday, December 8

Winter break begins

Monday, January 13, 2020
(Noughth Week)

Students return from Winter break

Spring 2020
Sunday, January 19
(First Week)
Hilary Term begins

Saturday, March 14
(Eighth Week)

Hilary Term ends
9th week you are expected to be in College—we will have our overnight trip that week
Saturday, March 15 Spring Break begins
Monday, April 20
(Noughth Week)
Students return from Spring break
Sunday, April 26
(First Week)
Trinity Term begins

Saturday, June 20
(Eighth Week)

Trinity Term ends
Wednesday, June 24 Farewell party
Sunday, June 28
Students must vacate rooms

Students may not arrive before opening day, October 2, 2019, because housing cannot be prepared before that date. You should arrive and collect your keys from Merifield between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Wednesday, October 2. If you are unable to arrive in Oxford at this time, you must email the SLP Office at Oxford in advance.

Personal effects may be shipped to arrive at Merifield on 2nd October or after. Mail for you may be sent to Wadham College to arrive after 2nd October and throughout the year. Parcels and packages should be sent to:
Ferry Pool Road,
Oxford, OX2 7DU,
United Kingdom