Health and Wellness Center

The Sarah Lawrence College Health and Wellness Center provides compassionate, confidential care for students’ medical and psychological health concerns.

In addition to coverage for routine, preventative, and urgent care, the Health and Wellness Center offers educational programs on medical and psychological health issues and will provide referrals for long-term medical or psychological treatment when necessary.

Location, Hours, and Appointments

The Health and Wellness Center is located in Lyles House, near Westlands Gate at Mead Way and Boulder Trail. 

The Health and Wellness Center is open Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. When the Center is closed, students can call Westlands desk at (914) 395-2222 (on-campus, use ext. 2222) for urgent medical and mental health needs.

Appointments can be made online. For questions about appointments or services, please call the receptionist at (914) 395-2350.

Medical Services

The Sarah Lawrence Medical Services staff is trained to understand and treat problems that relate to college-age students and their lifestyles. Medical Services is staffed primarily by Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) and registered nurses; local physicians affiliated with NYP Lawrence Hospital provide consultation to the nurses and FNPs. The Medical Services staff can:

  • Diagnose and treat short-term illnesses and minor injuries
  • Prescribe common medications for acute illness
  • Give vaccinations
  • Perform routine lab work
  • Test for and treat sexually transmitted diseases
  • Perform annual gynecological exams and address gynecological problems and concerns
  • Provide birth control, including emergency contraception, contraceptive injections, and prescriptions for oral contraception

Counseling and Psychological Services

The Sarah Lawrence Counseling and Psychological Services staff includes licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical social workers specifically trained to work with college-age individuals.

  • The staff routinely treats students for depression, anxiety, and relationship and family issues
  • Individual and group appointments are available
  • Students in need of immediate help can make a same-day appointment
  • A psychiatrist is available to provide necessary prescriptions and help with medication evaluation and management

For Psychological Services Practitioners:

If you would like to refer your Sarah Lawrence student for a medication evaluation with our psychiatrist, please download and complete a Mental Health Treatment History form.

Medical Transport Services

Medical Transport is available to students, faculty, and staff with documented disabilities or medical conditions who need help getting around the Sarah Lawrence campus.

Learn more about Disability Services provided at Sarah Lawrence College, or visit MySLC for information on procedures for requesting and using Medical Transport.

Health and Wellness Fees

On-campus services for routine care are provided at no cost.

Allergy injections, vaccinations, and some medications are provided for a fee. Medications not available at the Health and Wellness Center can be purchased at a pharmacy and may be covered by insurance, depending on students’ insurance plans.

Off-campus diagnostic services (including laboratory tests, X-rays, and diagnostic procedures) and consultations with off-campus specialists are covered under Sarah Lawrence insurance only after the Health and Wellness Center staff makes a referral.

Students who waive Sarah Lawrence insurance should check with their own insurance companies regarding coverage.

Student Health Insurance

Sarah Lawrence College requires all students to carry adequate medical insurance to help cover treatment that is not offered at the Health and Wellness Center.

The Student Health Insurance Plan provides affordable coverage for a 12-month period, which runs from August 15 through August 14 of the following year. The plan includes a local and national network of preferred providers.

Visit the University Health Plans website to view plan information, check eligibility status, view claims, and locate participating providers.