Study Abroad in Leeds, England




As a student at the University of Leeds, you will engage with a broad education which challenges, complements and reinforces your studies at Sarah Lawrence. Leeds is a large, affordable and multicultural city, surrounded by easily accessible countryside. It is just two hours by train from London and three hours from Edinburgh.


To help you take advantage of the breadth of expertise at Leeds, the University has developed the following 10 interdisciplinary Discovery Themes that you can explore as a part of your program of study:

Areas of Study

At the University of Leeds you can explore new areas or delve deeper into the subjects you’ve started studying at SLC. Leeds offers a wide range of courses, called modules, which offer students subjects from almost every possible field of study.

Please take a look at the Leeds module catalog and search by "incoming study abroad." You may also search by area of discipline. Together with Prema Samuel from the Office of Global Education (and if necessary appropriate faculty/advisors such as our pre-med advisor) you’ll determine the areas of study that will best complement your studies at SLC. Please note that you must select courses that fall within disciplines taught a Sarah Lawrence. For example, business or engineering courses are not taught at Sarah Lawrence and therefore will not be approved for credit.

Academic Credits

All students will be full-time students and enroll in 60 Leeds University credits (which equals 15 Sarah Lawrence credits) each semester. All students enroll in modules (courses) that carry different credit values.  Your total module credits must equal 60 credits a semester. If you enroll in less than 60 credits, you will not be able to earn 15 Sarah Lawrence credits. All courses must also be completed successfully with a minimum passing grade equivalent to a (C).

Academic Facilities

Leeds offers impressive facilities to support you in your areas of study. This includes brand new laboratories and lecture theatres to one of the largest research libraries in the country.

Leeds also offers a unique learning opportunity: a Virtual Learning Environment. This interactive forum has a range of learning resources and information including reading lists, past exams, assessment guidelines, lecture notes, podcasts, surveys, and discussion boards. The system also allows students to access video and audio recordings of lectures so that everyone can learn and study at their own pace.

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Living in Leeds

Campus & Surrounding Areas

The university has an expansive campus in the beautiful countryside, while being surrounded by a vibrant city. Leeds is the fastest growing city in England, as well as the third largest. It exists within the historic Yorkshire County in Northern England, the largest county in the United Kingdom.

Students at the University of Leeds get the security of program-sponsored housing, but also have a chance to experience the independence of city life, including theatre and cinema; museums and galleries; live music; an abundance of restaurants, bars, and clubs; shops; professional sports; walking, climbing, and cycling routes; and Yorkshire county’s unique collection of historic architecture. Parish churches, abbeys, Cathedrals, castles, and 18th-century houses show examples of Medieval architecture, both religious and secular.

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"40 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Leeds"

University Housing

There are two kinds of housing at the University of Leeds—catered and self-catered accommodations. Both housing options can be as diverse as modern multi-story apartments, smaller traditional buildings, and converted Victorian town houses. The catered option features single rooms and includes the traditional university dining hall, while the self-catered option features single rooms and allows students to share a kitchen with several residents.

Most bedrooms contain a single person bed, a desk and chair, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, and a waste paper bin. If you are in an en suite room, you also have a shower cubicle, sink and toilet. Bedding is not provided but you can buy a Bedding Pack from the University, which consists of a duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow case and fitted sheet.

If you are not in an en suite room but in a standard room, you will share shower and toilet facilities with other residents. Some of our standard rooms also have a washbasin in the room.

Kitchens are equipped with a fridge and freezer, cupboards, a cooker (4 hot plates, a grill, and an oven), a microwave, and a sink. You will need to provide your own crockery, cutlery, cooking pans, and utensils but you can buy a Kitchen Essentials Pack from the University.


Exchange students are fully integrated into the Leeds social life. Leeds University Union (LUU) is one of the largest student unions in the United Kingdom. The Union is home to over 300 activities, clubs, and societies and runs a program of “give-it-a-go” sessions throughout the term. Clubs cover a wide array of interests including, football, wine tasting, and even Quidditch (for you Harry Potter fans).


The Sarah Lawrence in Leeds program is open to juniors and seniors in good standing. Students must demonstrate consistent work at a high level, with particular strength in writing. Please contact the Office of Global Education for further information.  

Applications & Deadlines

Students may apply for the fall, full year, or spring semester. The completed application for the fall or full year is due March 1. The completed application for the spring semester is due October 1.

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Tuition & Fees

Students are charged the cost of Sarah Lawrence tuition each semester.

Students are required to live in University of Leeds housing and the prices vary according to selection. Students will be prompted to make housing selections once they have been accepted.

The cost of housing and suggested costs to cover travel, medical insurance, visas and personal expenses is available here.

Financial Aid

Sarah Lawrence College students who normally receive financial aid will be able to apply all their financial aid towards the cost of their education at Leeds.