Spring Program and the University of Florence

For students who have already studied Italian and who can spend only a semester abroad, Sarah Lawrence offers a spring program, which allows students to enroll in January and take part in most of the academic options offered by the full-year program. All spring students will be placed in Florentine homes for the duration of the program; breakfast and dinner with the hosts are included.

Spring students must have a minimum of one year of college Italian (or equivalent) in order to enter in January. The application deadline for the spring program is October 15. Space is limited.

Spring students earn 15 Sarah Lawrence College credits, equivalent to a full semester of study. Orientation for the spring semester will be held in Lucca in January.

Studying at the University of Florence

Students proficient in Italian can take a course at the University of Florence during the spring semester. Courses at the University consist of three months of lectures in Italian, followed by a final oral exam. As part of the university program, students work in tutorial sessions with university faculty assistants. These tutorials, unique to the Sarah Lawrence program, allow students to more deeply explore areas of interest and research projects. The tutorials incorporate other resources in Florence—libraries, archives, movies, lectures—to add a deeper dimension to University study.

University courses may be chosen from areas such as:

  • Anthropology
  • Art History
  • Cinema
  • Modern History
  • History of Music (Read more about studying music in Florence)
  • Literature
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Women's History

On Florence

"My time at the University of Florence was invaluable. My language skills improved and, more importantly, by working and studying alongside Italians, I finally shed my tourist status and was able to immerse myself fully in the culture."

— Elisabeth Fay, past Florence participant

Spring and the University of Florence