Sarah Stewart MS '18

Sarah grew up in Ottawa, ON and attended undergrad at McMaster University, where she obtained a double major in Biology and Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behavior in 2015. As an undergrad and for a year before coming to Sarah Lawrence College, Sarah worked as a behavioral therapist for children with autism and adults with brain injuries. She also taught ESL online to children in China and volunteered as a client advocate and counselor at a pregnancy center in Hamilton, ON.

Why did you choose genetic counseling as a profession?

Genetic counseling is a field that mandates its professionals to be well-versed in both scientific processes and psychosocial aspects of human interaction, which was what first drew me to the field. However, there is more to the appeal of genetic counseling than just the blend of biology and psychology. Genetic counselors are at the forefront of a field that is rapidly growing and requires an understanding of ethics, research, technology, and education. The diversity of the requirements in the profession and ability to constantly be learning throughout my career is what really made me fall in love with genetic counseling.

What do you think is the most unique aspect of the Sarah Lawrence College genetic counseling program?

I think that the longevity of the program is one of the most unique parts about our program compared to genetic counseling programs at other institutions. The program here has been able to flourish because it values development and adaptability in approaching teaching and learning genetics. Because this program has existed so long, it has a large alumni network that is unique and beneficial to students, no matter where they end up.

What tips do you have for students beginning to interview for genetic counseling programs?

Stay calm, because no one wants you to fail!