Liz Manderski MS '18

Liz is a second-year student in Sarah Lawrence College’s genetic counseling program. She joined Sarah Lawrence from New Jersey, where she attended Rutgers University and pursued a BA in Biomathematics with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. Liz enjoys reading books, singing, hiking (not to be confused with camping), and spending lots of time at the beach!

Why did you choose the genetic counseling program at Sarah Lawrence College?

I chose Sarah Lawrence for a few reasons. The first was the program’s location and connections to hospitals in the tri-state area. Because I was accustomed to diversity in my prior educational and work experiences, I was also drawn to the large class size. Finally, as someone with a rich science background, I was looking for additional training in the psychosocial aspect of genetic counseling, which I felt that Sarah Lawrence College could offer me.

How do you balance your course load with your part-time employment?

I have a part-time job on campus, and many of my classmates do as well. I think that it’s possible if you manage your time effectively.

What experiences helped you prepare for a genetic counseling graduate program?

I did not participate in any crisis counseling or advocacy programs prior to this program, but I did have a background in research and patient interaction. This experience is helpful as we enter the clinics and work with the institutional review board on our thesis projects. Shadowing in various clinics also helped me to understand the basic duties of a genetic counselor and know what to expect from a masters program.