Talya Boisjoli MS '18

Talya is from Montreal and completed her Bachelor of Science at McGill University, with a major in Anatomy and Cell Biology and a minor in Kinesiology. After her completing her bachelor’s degree, she took a year to work in colorectal cancer genetics research and volunteer at a crisis hotline before attending Sarah Lawrence College. She was first introduced to genetic counseling by her mother, who convinced her geneticist during a genetic testing appointment to hire Talya as a summer student. Five years later, Talya is getting her master’s degree in genetic counseling. Talya can often be found listening to Drake, using too many emojis and bitmojis, and embracing her Canadian heritage.

As an international student, do you have tips for other international students exploring genetic counseling programs in the US?

Be ready to make some of the greatest friends ever! You need to embrace the great Sarah Lawrence College genetic counseling program tribe. In all honesty, apply to many schools—even if they are not all your top choices. You never know how your mind can change when you visit. If, after the interview, you call someone and spend an excruciating amount of time explaining every detail of the program, choose that school!

What has been your favorite course you have taken thus far in the program?

My favourite course so far has been "Intro to Clinical Medicine" with Michele Disco and Elaine Pereira. From interesting case studies to useful tips for rotation (like where to get the best milkshakes!)

How do you spend your free time as a genetic counseling student?

When I am not in class, I can be found venturing through New York City, trying every salad restaurant and spin studio. I also enjoy the whole new world of choice on American Netflix. Canada needs to expand!