Carly Bennett MS '18

Carly grew up in Washington State in the Puget Sound region with her parents, sister, two cats, and a corgi. She attended Seattle University for her undergraduate studies. She was a member of the Seattle U choirs during all four years and spent most of her time and energy rehearsing and forming bonds with fellow choir members. During her senior year, she co-founded an all-female, barbershop-style a cappella group called Drop the Bass. She was deeply involved in retreats through campus ministry and volunteered in many capacities, leading self-reflection, discernment, and team building. Carly graduated in 2014, majoring in General Science and minoring in Mathematics. After-graduation, she volunteered at the Crisis Line of King County for two years, working her way up in the organization to help train new volunteers. While applying to graduate programs, she worked at MultiCare as a scheduler for the twenty physicians in the orthopedic and sports medicine department. Carly had to make a cultural adjustment when moving across the country, but enjoys the opportunities that New York City offers.

What advice do you have for undergraduate students interested in a career in genetic counseling?

Being well rounded is a great way to prepare for genetic counseling. Take as many science courses as you can, as well as psychology and philosophy. Find ways to get in touch with your feelings and help others. And find things that make you happy and fulfilled.

What is your favorite part of living near New York City as a graduate student?

There is so much culture in New York City to take in. I am admittedly a big fan of Broadway. Since moving to the city, I have gone to seven Broadway shows. I take advantage of student deals and lotteries to see shows at a low price.

How do you typically get to school and your clinical rotations?

I live close to campus, so I can walk there in about 15 minutes, but most often my roommate and I trade off driving to and from class. My rotations and internships have been in Manhattan, so I typically take public transportation. For the price of one subway fare, I can take a bus from Yonkers to the Bronx and get on the subway line, which will take me nearly anywhere in the city I want to go. Getting around is easy, but time consuming, I suggest you make use of the time with audiobooks.