Sandie Pisieczko

Genetic Counseling Education Fellow

Graduate Courses 2023-2024

MS Human Genetics

Fundamentals of Genetic Counseling 1

Graduate Seminar—Fall

Fundamentals of Genetic Counseling 1 introduces students to skills necessary for genetic counseling. The course is structured around key components of a genetic counseling encounter. Readings provide foundational knowledge of relevant concepts and class discussions encourage comparison of different perspectives and applications. Course instructors demonstrate each skill and students then engage in skill development through role-play, peer feedback, and self-assessment.


Introduction to Fieldwork Practicum


The Medical Genetics Seminar courses introduce students to topics relevant to clinical genetic counseling. Students learn from and interact with experts in their respective fields, gaining an in-depth understanding of fundamental genetic conditions and syndromes as well as current counseling issues and practices. Students will apply their new understanding by utilizing team-based learning activities and case discussions.